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I love games as much as the next person, but one game that I’m particularly fond of is Final Fantasy XIV. It's an MMO, so I know that will cause certain among us to give pause for at best, while others will run away screaming in terror. Luckily I don't work for , so I’m not here to sell you on this game, but nonetheless it is a really aesthetically pleasing one that boasts a wealth of nice spots to hang out in. I figure I might as well share them with you and perhaps encourage you to share some of your own favorite locations.

Basement Dwelling

First off, let's start with some of my favorite dungeons. Seeing as they are instanced, you can’t hang out in them for too long before being kicked out, but that doesn’t mean they aren't gorgeous. My favorite dungeon is the Lost City of Amdapor. Once a vast and glorious place, the city and its inhabitants learned the hard way that evil is not to be toyed with.

I’m oddly fascinated by old buildings and locations that were once bustling but are now in a state of decay. The Lost City of is home to a wealth of flora and fauna that's been warped into horrible things, thanks to the evil that befell it. If you have a thing for giant fungi, then this is your kinda dungeon, but what also attracts me to it is the eerie vibe.

The last portion of the castle takes place in what looks like a church, with pathways lit by magic where you do battle with the perp behind Amdapor’s destruction. Such a compelling location and it's a shame we can't just hang out there without firing up duty finder.

The area around Amdapor is known as the South Shroud. The northern part is mainly forested area, while the southern part is a big ol' swamp full of tortoises, morbols and other nasty things. That aside, it's still a pretty swamp that looks much less like a crummy bog you'd hate to slog through. On a clear day you can see some of the dungeons that litter the area, including the Amdapor Keep, located further to the north.

Amdapor used to run things.
Amdapor used to run things.

The Thousand Yawns Of Toto-Rak

Next up we have the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. Most of the dungeon is a spider-infested snoozefest that you will grow to despise, but there are parts that are arguably very attractive.

I'm rather confused as to why this part of Toto-Rak is populated by rainbow-colored plants — carnivorous ones at that. It's a real shame that a place like this is relegated to an instanced dungeon; I'd love to have a spot out in the open world with plants like this. We have isolated places, but it doesn't beat this little slice of heaven in Toto-Rak.

Those familiar with the game will notice that the places I've listed all happen to be in the Black Shroud (the South Shroud). For all of its mysterious, creepy locations — why is it always the forest? — it has its share of gorgeous environments.

She does sparkle.
She does sparkle.

A similar dungeon is located in the Central Shroud. Haukke Manor is a dwelling that was once owned by Lady Amandine, whose vanity caused her to lose her mind. The Victorian-style manor is filled to the brim with creatures taken directly from kids' nightmares — but while creepy, the location is so very cool. Yet another area that should have been a regular place to go as opposed to an instanced dungeon.

We've got fun and games.
We've got fun and games.

Welcome To The Jungle

Getting off the Black Shroud love-fest for a moment, why not take a trip to the jungle and Brayflox's Longstop? A goblin community nestled in the greenery that's been taken over by Smaug — well OK, just a crabby dragon — Brayflox's Longstop is located in the middle of Eastern La Noscea. This area is further split into two distinct parts: the jungles of Wineport and the lovely beaches of Costa del Sol, the latter of which seasoned Final Fantasy players will also know as the name of the tropical resort area in .

Fans will also know this as the place owned by a rich-as-hell Lalafell and is where you engage in a giant feast before preparing for your attack on Titan. But let us not speak more on that ever-so-long filler fest. Costa is still a worthy place to hang and if you worry about it being overcrowded, no worries. The beach area is vast and there are more than enough spots to just AFK or do whatever you please!

La Noscea is also a good-looking tropical location, with my favorite spot in the entire game being Outer La Noscea. We'll just ignore the huge mine area, but Outer La Noscea is a visual treat. It sits high above the landscape so that you get a chance to see other parts of the map, like the area where the Wanderer's Palace is.

It's a bit of an isolated area and isn't as populated by players, giving you a few secluded places to bide your time, like the Floating City of Nym or the beautiful Hermit's Hovel. The monsters there are a little higher leveled, but if you're level 60, you have nothing to worry about and can feel safe in whichever spot you choose.

So many pretty locations, so very little time! Do you have a favorite Final Fantasy location? Sound off in the comments section below.

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