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Not every world is perfect for farming in Minecraft. Some seeds are just detrimental to the entire process. That's why it's so important to pick out a seed that features the biome (or biomes) that will let you farm whatever you'd like.

So if you're looking for some Minecraft farming seeds, search no further. We have you covered.

Before You Jump In

Oh yes, here I come sugar cane farm.
Oh yes, here I come sugar cane farm.

Whether you're a Minecraft newbie or a veteran, there's a few important points worth keeping in mind before using these seeds. First off, remember that seeds are version specific. Own the Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Windows 10 as well as the Minecraft PlayStation version for PS Vita? Seeds from the one won't carry over to the other, so check and make sure you have the appropriate Minecraft version before using a seed.

Also, remember that seed growth is dependent on a lot of factors, including space and geography. A plains biome isn't necessarily going to grow a lot of wheat and carrots if the biome is very hilly. Farm strategically, and cater your seed choices to your plant of preference.

The Mountain Village

The seed spawns players adjacent to an enormous village near a mountain, giving you a ton of farms with crops ready for picking right away. We recommend this village if you want to get a headstart on harvesting wheat, carrots, and other foods without laying down the foundation. Oh, and if you want to start planting more seeds right away. That too.

  • Version: PlayStation
  • Seed: -5825474964779901595

Sugar Cane Dream Seed

This seed for the Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition features a world perfect for sugar cane farming. There's tons of sugar cane and grass to go around near the player's spawn, with enormous rivers and ponds all over. Plus, there's two villages with a blacksmith nearby. Oh, and there's at least one pumpkin that spawns, too, allowing players to farm for some pumpkins.

Again, this is for the Xbox edition, but it's a pretty excellent seed to check out if you're unsure where to start.

  • Version: Xbox 360
  • Seed: FARM

Pumpkin Seed

This seed, discovered by Noxmomma, is pretty interesting. It features a village right near spawn, along with a skeleton spawner and a bunch of pumpkins. We happen to find this seed perfect for pumpkin farming for that reason. The best part? There's also mesa and snow biomes to check out, which means you can hang out in another biome altogether as you farm.

Check it out around Halloween if you're dying to grow a pumpkin patch, and remember to explore the nearby village for more farm seeds.

  • Version: 1.9
  • Seed: 5584938212194406990

The Balanced Farming Seed

Now that's what we call a farming seed! And some interesting gravity for that land bridge.
Now that's what we call a farming seed! And some interesting gravity for that land bridge.

Some seeds aren't very versatile: they're perfect for, say, cactus farming, but not much else. This seed is a bit different. It features two mountains joined together by a land bridge, a lake with sugar cane, a desert area for cactus growing, brown mushrooms in a forest, and red mushrooms on a hill. That's right: this seed is basically built for a ton of farming. Sick.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Cheats also notes that this seed features all three kinds of trees, making this one of the best bang-for-your-buck seeds you can possibly use. But, as you can guess, it's for the Minecraft: Pocket Edition only. Sorry PC and PlayStation fans, but this seed won't work on your edition.

  • Version: Pocket Edition
  • Seed: cyan

Those are our Minecraft farming seeds recommendations! Have a favorite that's missing? Share yours in the comments below.

Source: Gameskinny


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