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Abandoned mineshafts are always worth exploring if you find one in Minecraft. These structures feature all sorts of loot to pick up, from bread to pumpkin seeds, gold ingots to diamonds. If you find one in your world, you should totally check it out. As long as you're prepared to, that is.

Before You Jump In

She's beauty, she's grace, she's a spawner in my place.
She's beauty, she's grace, she's a spawner in my place.

As always, Minecraft seeds are separated based on your version or update. Seeds for one version won't necessarily work for another release. What does this mean? If you're using the Minecraft: Pocket Edition and want to use a seed for the PlayStation 3 version, then you're out of luck. The seed won't generate the same landscape.

Some updates create specific land structures, meanwhile some versions are part of a family of releases. The Windows 10 version of Minecraft, for instance, is part of Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Meanwhile, the PlayStation Vita release of Minecraft is part of the PlayStation version, which means PlayStation 4 seeds will work on the Vita, and vice-versa.

Confused? Don't worry, we'll provide the version of the seed along with the seed itself. So without further ado, here's some top Minecraft mineshaft seeds to check out.

Abandoned Village Mineshaft Seed

Fun fact: there's a mineshaft underneath all that village.
Fun fact: there's a mineshaft underneath all that village.

For this seed, there's a huge mineshaft found right underneath a snow village well. You can see the village from spawn, right after popping into the world at a frozen river, so it's pretty easy to get to. There's a ton of rails here, and it's easy enough to navigate through the mineshaft. If you're looking for a mixture of plains and snow biomes, too, this world is pretty solid. We totally recommend if you're using the Pocket Edition.

  • Version: Pocket Edition
  • Seed: SIMBEEP

Mesa and Savanna Mountain Range Seed

Forget the mineshafts, I wanna go swimming!
Forget the mineshafts, I wanna go swimming!

We're really into this seed. This one features a temple, a village, and a gorgeous mesa to explore. Inside the mesa is a mineshaft with plenty of tunnels to check out, with loot to grab from inside.

What makes this seed so sweet? Well, it's full of various resources to grab. You don't just get a mineshaft, or a village, or a temple: you get all three things at once. There's even a savanna plateau to check out, too, which is basically icing on the cake. Go take a look, you won't regret it.

  • Version: 1.11 Update
  • Seed: 7232427809486241757

Start Up at Spawn Seed

You know it's a good Minecraft seed if you can find more than one mineshaft. And especially if one of those mineshafts are right at spawn.

This one, which was originally found by NedAV and is featured by TrueTriz, has some excellent loot. You can get iron ignots, wheat, and plenty of other goodies inside both mineshafts. The shafts are pretty big too, making them great discoveries. Definitely check it out online if you want to look for some of the loot.

  • Version: PlayStation Edition
  • Seed: -2112639182

Hoogaooga Seed

Yes, the name is weird. But the mineshaft is very good.

Hat tip to Glowific for this one. This seed features a mineshaft right underneath the player; just keep digging downwards, and you'll find it right beneath you. There's lava, waterfalls, diamonds, and more inside the abandoned mineshaft. It's a mineshaft that's pretty sprawling to go through, and a perfect find for any interested Minecraft players. Definitely give it a look.

  • Version: Pocket Edition
  • Seed: hoogaooga

That's all for our mineshaft worlds. Do you have a favorite Minecraft mineshaft seed? Share yours in the comments below!

Source: Minecraft PE HQ


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