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Ah yes, diamonds. There's nothing like a Minecraft seed with diamonds to harvest.

If you're unfamiliar, diamonds are considered the rarest possible raw material to pick up in the entire Minecraft franchise. The official Minecraft wiki reports that diamonds are only in "7.4% of stronghold altar chests, 19.2% of nether fortress chests, 6.3% of desert temple chests, 16.3% of village blacksmith chests, and 15.5% of jungle temple chests," and usually come in stacks of one to three diamonds.

Make it rain!
Make it rain!

There's also a 10.5% of abandoned mineshafts having them, and a 21.5% chance in End city chests, usually with two to seven stacks available. Which means finding a raw, complete diamond in the rough is pretty hard.

Why collect diamonds? They can be used to craft items that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. That's a must-have for armor items like a Diamond Chestplate or Diamond Helmet, and weapons like the Diamond Axe benefit from the material's durability, too. So it's ideal to pick up some raw diamonds if you can find them.

Before You Begin

Ha, good luck.
Ha, good luck.

As always, before you pop in these Minecraft diamond seeds, make sure you have the correct version on your hands. If you're playing the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft, you're going to need seeds specifically for that version. Meanwhile, the dedicated PC release has its own build, which is separate from the Windows 10 edition (that one is based on the Minecraft: Pocket Edition for mobile operating systems).

Confusing, right? We've gone ahead and labeled which versions are used for which seed, so there's no need to guess whether you have a compatible Minecraft copy on your hands. Just check it out below, and pop in the seed if your version corresponds with the one listed.

Triple Village Seed

That's right, this seed features a triple village and two desert temples. It's courtesy of the Minecraft Seeds Wiki, which calls it "overkill fun." We like that description.

There's also two diamonds at the blacksmith's in one of the villages, making it a pretty cool find, as most seeds only feature one diamond at most. It's pretty easy to navigate, too, which makes it a solid beginner's choice in our opinion.

  • Version: 1.8.2. Update
  • Seed: 1470665895276469641

42+ Diamonds at Spawn Seed

Major props to iDeactivateMC for this seed. In this one, over 40 diamonds are lying around at spawn, allowing players to just grab them for the taking from the start. No need to work too hard for them, either. iDeactivateMC suspects there may be even more diamonds found throughout the world, but at the very least, the immediate area grants enough diamonds to keep any player busy for awhile. Definitely one of the best Minecraft diamonds seeds around.

  • Version: 1.8.3 Update
  • Seed: -6819388132141644314

70+ Diamond Seed

Ah yes, here's where the diamond seeds start getting intense. Glowific found this diamond seed for Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and he originally noted that the seed features over 47 diamonds. One user later confirmed finding 74 diamonds. Another reported 84. Suffice to say, there are a lot of diamonds to find here, and it's worth checking out.

Our favorite part? Some diamonds can be picked up right away from spawn, with more in a cave to explore. So it's pretty easy to secure diamonds right away.

  • Version: Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Seed: diamond seed

Diamond Paradise Island Seed

There's 11 diamond blocks here, which is basically incredible.
There's 11 diamond blocks here, which is basically incredible.

Why do we call this seed a diamond paradise? There's 11 diamond blocks here. Yes, you read that right: eleven diamond blocks. Remember that diamond blocks are comprised of nine raw diamonds, which means there 99 diamonds here to craft with. Yep, perfect for crafting practically any diamond item.

Thanks again to the Minecraft Seeds Wiki for this one. This seed starts out with an island that features a fissure underneath. Mining gives players the diamond blocks underneath, right at the X184 and Z125 coordinates. The wiki warns that there's lava in the fissure, but the island makes for an excellent world with plenty of diamonds to go around. Be sure to check it out.

  • Version: 1.8.2 Update
  • Seed: -4843434297086207654

That's all for our Minecraft diamond seeds. Do you have any recommendations for Minecraft seeds with diamonds? Share your favorites in the comments below.

Source: Minecraft Seeds Wiki


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