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It seems like the world is all about Overwatch recently. The game blew up when it was released and people haven't stopped with their theories and hunger for more skins ever since. Of course, cosplayers also jumped on the chance to don the looks of their favorite Overwatch characters. There was a lot of D. Va and Tracer in the beginning, but then things got progressively more insane with bigger builds, fancier armor, and more bells and whistles.

In all that madness, a cosplayer from the Czech Republic decided that she would join the fray in glorious fashion.

When cosplayer Germia announced that she would be cosplaying Pharah's Anubis skin, people were pretty excited. When she started posting her work in progress shots, people found the edge of their seats.


When she posted a video of the costume in action, well, the internet collectively lost its marbles. She went through great lengths to make sure the armor was as screen accurate as possible and I think we can all agree that she nailed it.

However, this piece of work really blew up when she posted a video of all the little touches she put to make the armor that much more spectacular.

Behold The Glory of JUSTICE

So lets take a second to take stock the insane amount of detail in this costume. The wings deploy and fold back, her pauldrons have the rocket ports that pop open, and her legs also have hidden rockets.

If that wasn't enough, she decided to put in a working wrist mounted rocket launcher and a working gun for that little bit of extra flavor.

The road to justice wasn't an easy one. A lot of hard work went into this build and probably some sleepless nights.

The Build

A good amount electronics and wiring went into making this thing work so you'd think that Germia was a pretty keen electrician, right? As it turns out, the method to the madness is largely self-taught. She mentioned on her Facebook page that it was all thanks to tutorials, a few tips from friends, and a lot of trial and error.

The armor itself is made mostly of EVA foam and she did the entire thing herself start to finish. The cost of making the armor was roughly between $1,000 to $2,000. She doesn't have an exact number and mentioned that she probably doesn't really want to know.


The Finished Product

All the hard work put in and money spent really paid off because each piece looks absolutely fantastic. Seeing it laid out is rather interesting because it really gives you some good perspective on just how many pieces had to made for this build. However, the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts because once she puts it on, well, she really does the character justice.

Photo by Milos Mlady
Photo by Milos Mlady

Here's to you, Germia. Your hard work and dedication has earned all of our admiration. Also, you look like an absolute boss.

As the youth say, you're the real MVP.

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Who's your favorite Overwatch cosplayer?


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