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BioWare had their 21st birthday yesterday and to celebrate I decided to share one of the most eye catching cosplays I've seen in a while. Enayla Cosplay showcases her skill as a seamstress and armorsmith in this absolutely mind blowing rendition of Cullen Rutherford from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The devil is in the details and the amount of detail in this particular costume is absolutely staggering. This project was a labor of love for Enayla and she decided to take her time with it.

Without feeling rushed, she was able to pour in all the details she wanted and the results speak for themselves. Along the way, she posted work in progress shots of each individual piece which serves to highlight the amount of work that went into this particular costume.

PHOTO | Enayla Cosplay
PHOTO | Enayla Cosplay

Work started on the costume last year with her picking away at the project bit by bit with, I imagine, other projects in between. Progress shots came along with a test fit of the pieces she had thus far being posted back in December of 2015.

A few more work in progress shots were posted intermittently from that point on and she was finally able to declare the project finished in early April this year. She then went out to do a quick shoot to unveil her work. The result? Well, see for yourself.

PHOTO | Enayla Cosplay
PHOTO | Enayla Cosplay

I have no words. Actually, no, I have one word.

Her Cullen costume isn't the only amazing piece she has. Her portfolio is filled with finely crafted armor and amazing costumes. For more, be sure to check her out on various social media. Links down below.

What do you think of Enayla's Cullen cosplay? Let me know in the comments down below!


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