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is no stranger to licensing the strangest of goods. (Do we really need an Ultima Weapon fork to commemorate Final Fantasy's 30th Anniversary?!)

This time around, they're licensing what is perhaps the most uncanny controller you'll ever see: a slime-themed Dualshock 4 controller which may or may not be what you always wanted in life.

Modeled after the series's mascot, this controller, which will release in Japan July 29, the same day as Dragon Quest XI, can be purchased for 9,980 yen (roughly $90). The controller which is being manufactured by Hori, will have all the standard PS4 buttons in addition to the unique design.

So Why Does This Controller Exist?

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time such a controller has been made. A very similar controller was released on the PlayStation 2 for Dragon Quest VIII. We can only guess that the controller's success then prompted Square to license it again. Or maybe they think fans just really love holding a Slime upside-down to have it frown at them as they play. Who am I to judge? Weirdos.

Japanese Gamers + Dragon Quest = Love

"Dragon Quest Builders" [Credit: Square Enix]
"Dragon Quest Builders" [Credit: Square Enix]

So let's just get this out of the way, if you haven't guessed already, Japanese gamers really love Dragon Quest. It's been an urban legend that the release of Dragon Quest III was so huge that Japanese legislators were working on a law that would require Dragon Quest games to be released on either weekends or holidays. New game releases were believed to be the cause students skipping class and workers calling in "sick".

While this law was never passed, nor was actually in consideration, a Dragon Quest game typically won't see a release outside of a Saturday post-Dragon Quest III–likely to avoid such legislation from ever coming to pass.

Side-rant(quest?) aside, the popularity of the series in Japan must be at astronomical levels for such an urban legend to not only be spread but also believed. With Dragon Quest that popular it's only natural that its mascot be represented in any way it can, even in controller form.

Be sure to check out the Dragon Quest clip above! Maybe it'll make you want to buy a Slime controller!

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