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It's never easy breaking into the job market. Nowadays it certainly helps to try and find a way to stand out. For instance, my outlandish claim of being able to make minute rice in 58 seconds has certainly scored me an interview or two. But this guy really takes the biscuit.

Know your employer is the key rule, do your research and nail the introduction. This resume created by 'Kyle the innovator' is a perfect example of how to get the attention of your employer. Kyle was applying for a job with Riot Games, specifically League of Legends.

Instead of sending in a generic resume outlining his core skills and his favourite hobbies, Kyle went another way. Take a look here.

League of Legends is a hugely popular online multiplayer strategy game. The game is so popular that the statistics will blow your mind. There are over 67 million people playing League of Legends each month, that's 27 million per day, and a little over 7.5 million concurrently during peak hours.

As you can see this is a very popular title. Those that wish to work on a game this big must be able to stand out and I recon this chap did a great job – I noticed!

Have you done anything similar?

Source: Reddit


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