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I've seen my fair share of fancy computer cases and custom-built PC designs — but I don't think any of that would have prepared me for this. What you see above is the Point Blank Barrett, designed by Suchao Modding & Design.

It's brilliantly designed with the appearance of an actual Point Blank Barret sniper while actually being a computer.

That's a real, completely functional computer. I'll just let that sink in for a second.

Let's take a peek at the video:

It's Massive, But It's Also Portable

Look, any computer (or gun) of this size isn't going to be lightweight. If you want to carry this thing around like in the GIF below, your arms are gonna get tired pretty quickly. But the fact that it can be carried around like this at all is incredible.

Imagine playing Battlefield 1 with this gunputer and then taking it out for a leisurely game of cops and robbers. Kids use stuff like this in cops and robbers, right? Sure!

In any case, this computer-gun is real enough and portable enough that I don't actually recommend carrying it down the street unless you want to turn some heads and also explain yourself to the police. But if you're doing something like heading to a friend's LAN party, this is the computer to make everyone there jealous.

But Is It Actually Functional?

I probably wouldn't have asked that question if the answer wasn't yes, so... yes! As you can see above, most of the usual slots you'd need can be found where you would normally put an ammo clip. Plus, the entire unit stands upright on its own thanks to the mount toward the front of the device.

The best part, though? The trigger button is what turns it on. That is exactly the kind of design everyone looking at this would have hoped for, and Suchao Modding & Design delivered.

Okay, So How Good Of A Computer Is It Really?

As gamers or fans of tech, I'm sure anyone reading this really only wants to know one thing: Is it a good computer? I'll leave you to decide based on the components:

  • AMD A10-7800 processor
  • Dual KLEVV Urbane 240GB SSDs
  • AMD Radeon RX 480 8GB graphics card
  • Four KLEVV Genuine 4GB RAM sticks
  • Thermaltake Toughpower 600W SFX power supply
  • Thermaltake watercooling system

Will it run Overwatch's new Halloween brawl in 4k resolution at 60 FPS? Probably not. But will it run most games solidly and look like a totally badass rig while doing so? You betcha!

There are plenty more pictures of the rig over on Suchao's Facebook page as well as a YouTube video (albeit not in English) of some of the design process.

The only question that remains is: What sort of custom design could top this?


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