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Let's admit it: the Nintendo Switch is really cool. And the latest advert for the Nintendo Switch is actually pretty fun to watch. It shows a lot of the ways that you can play the Switch, like at a party, on a plane, in your bedroom, or while camping. That's pretty neat.

But there are some moments that are pretty awkward. Like, the fleeting glances from cute guys and girls at the cafe. Or the party. Or the airplane. Or pretty much anywhere, since a big part of the advert is how owning and using the Nintendo Switch will make you attractive.

Seriously, when was the last time you asked someone out on a date because they were lugging around a Nintendo console? Yeah, I thought so. Here's 10 times the ad got a little too awkward:

1. The Bus Encounter

When has it ever been cool to snoop on someone's handheld while they're next to you on the bus? Never. Not to mention, you end up having to awkwardly look at them and they end up awkwardly turning away.

This isn't really a selling point, just insisting that people will make you socially anxious on public transportation.

2. Getting Smug on the Airplane

Who pulls out a handheld device on an airplane and starts smiling to themselves about it? It's like Nintendo is screaming "Our device is fun!" when I was already with them on that point in the first 15 seconds.

3. The Guy Ignoring His Girlfriend

She's trying to get his attention by twirling around, but she just gives up because he's too invested in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And by the time he notices it's too late, she's already bored of him.

Honestly, if my girlfriend was playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, I'd just leave her alone: period. But that's just me.

4. The Excited Coworker

So two coworkers get together to play Nintendo Switch, and the one coworker in the red suit tries to sneak on over to his colleague's desk to play. It's kinda weird, but I get it.

That is, until I realized that they're playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the sound on. And you can hear the sound in the office. So why bother sneaking if you're just going to blast it anyway? Plus, imagine how annoying that must sound when people are trying to get their work done. Blech.

5. Distracting Students in the Classroom

Remember the scene where all the kids are playing Splatoon 2 before class starts? It turns out the whole class isn't playing, it's only eight kids. And none of them have headphones on. Meanwhile 18 other kids are trying to study. And when the Switch players get caught, they try to act like good boys and girls. It's like they don't care at all whether they're being a nuisance.

I'm starting to feel the motto for the Nintendo Switch should be "play it on the go, annoy everyone you meet."

6. Pretending to Die While Playing 1-2-Switch

"I lost my match, time to fall to the floor as if I was really killed," said no one ever.

7. And the Guys/Girls Suggestively Looking at Switch Players

What's up with this? It happens multiple times across genders throughout the ad, and it just feels weird.

"Yeah, I'd love to date a guy with a Nintendo Switch," is not really suggested on a Tinder bio.

8. The Milking Game

Euphemism, much? That guy seems a little too excited. Probably not the best choice to play with strangers.

9. The Girl Spraying the Guy in the Champagne Game

It's so corny. I think the rule of the day is "don't play 1-2-Switch with people you don't know that well."

10. That Toilet Scene

No. NO. I did NOT need to start my morning seeing a character actor half-naked on a toilet. But I did, so thanks Nintendo.

(I'm still buying your console anyway, no hard feelings)

What were some of your cringiest moments in the latest Nintendo Switch ad? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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