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We're so used to developers and publishers abhorrently rejecting fan projects—looking at you, Nintendon't—that the pleasant surprise that is TimeSplitters Rewind went relatively unnoticed. Crytek, the developer behind the Crisis franchise, are currently in possession of the rights of the adored TimeSplitters name but have no plans to continue making games for it. However, what with it being cool and all, Crytek gave its blessings to Cinder—a collection of fans who work on games in their spare time—to work on a fan project which aims to bring all the madness back from the dead!

That project is , a remake of the original three games in CryEngine, which sounds almost too perfect to handle. However, updates on how the development process was progressing were few and far between, that is until Cinder gave us a tasty reveal today.

'TimeSplitters Rewind' Confirmed For A 2017 Launch, But What Should We Expect?

Check out that trailer, people—a thing of beauty. But what should we actually expect from this remake? Honestly, we're still not sure. It's all a little cryptic at this point, but we'll try to give some context.

TimeSplitters Rewind was born off the '100k Strong for 4' Facebook group that was set up to try to get Crytek to finish work on the cancelled TimeSplitters 4. They weren't interested. However, from the ashes of disappointment rose Rewind, a faithful recreation of the over 300 characters, the various weapons and every map that was in TimeSplitters 1-3. But information on the collection has been pretty scarce, though the team suggested they were working on bringing Rewind to the PlayStation 4.

A weapon model currently being animated - [Credit: Cinder Interactive]
A weapon model currently being animated - [Credit: Cinder Interactive]

However, considering this project is essentially volunteer work, it's not too surprising that information has been pretty light. But it seems like 2017 will have something in store for TimeSplitters fans anyway, with at least the first remake making its way on to gaming platforms!

We'll have to wait a little longer until then, but hopefully not too much so. It's been far too long since I've enjoyed the Goldeneye-inspired gameplay, time-bending storyline and even longer since I've had the chance to play as a monkey.

TimeSplitters is often remembered for it's cast of characters - [Credit: Crytek]
TimeSplitters is often remembered for it's cast of characters - [Credit: Crytek]

Are you a fan of TimeSplitters? Which character was your favorite?


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