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Today, Overwatch's latest special event, Halloween Terror, released and brought with it lots of awesome skins, sprays, emotes, and more. One such "more" is the new brawl, Junkenstein's Revenge.

This brawl has you playing as Ana, McCree, Hanzo, or Soldier: 76 fighting off waves of Zomnics, with occasional interruptions by Junkenstein and his evil allies. It's a blast, and you should go try it if you haven't already — not the least of reasons being that it makes for a fun way to level. But first, we have a few tips that'll help you make it through the various difficulty levels without getting overrun!

A Few Basics Before You Start

Okay, before you grab your guns and charge over-confidently into a horde of Zomnics, there are a few things we should get out of the way:

  • Work your way up the difficulty levels. Things significantly ramp up by the time you make it to Hard mode and you'll get roflstomped if you try to jump right into it.
  • Similarly, if you're going to tackle hard, it will help to have a pre-made group (though it's not 100 percent necessary if you're feelin' lucky).
  • Pay attention to the sounds! Heroes will call out which direction Junkenstein's RIP-Tire is coming from, which will help take it down before it's too late. Plus, there is specific banter between heroes in this brawl and it's very entertaining.

I think that pretty much covers the basics — time to hop into the good stuff!

Aim For The Heads — Especially As Hanzo

This is true for any mode, really. Headshots deal more damage on nearly every character in the game, with Ana being the exception. The Zomnics in this mode are pretty squishy and you'll take them down faster if you aim for the their heads. Notably, if you land the perfect shot with Hanzo's bow, it will one-shot the Zomnics.

As a result, Hanzo is the perfect choice for taking down the Zombardiers (the big, blue guys). If you're playing as Hanzo, be sure to focus on these enemies — you're the best hero for the job. If they're not up, well, the same applies to the regular Zomnics.

There are very few things as satisfying as making a robot explode by shooting it in the face with an arrow, just FYI.

Divide And Conquer

There are three sections to the map which will spawn Zomnics: left, middle, right. While you should always be aware of how a particular zone is doing and if Zomnics are closing in on the castle gates, it helps to try to cover one specific zone. I've found that Hanzo works well on the center or right, as he can use his scatter arrow pretty effectively.

Soldier: 76, meanwhile, works pretty well on the left side of the map, covering the stairs. Using his Helix Rockets can take out multiple Zomnics at once as they make their way down the thin stairs. Which just leaves Hanzo, whom I've found works well across most lanes.

Keep in mind, you'll want to stay in sight of Ana — she's your only healer, after all! If you're playing as Ana, there is a nice perch to stand on to the right of where you spawn. This gives you good line-of-sight on both allies and enemies and keeps you (mostly) out of harm's way.

Know Where And When To Use Ultimates

Heroes' ultimates are always game-changers, but they're especially important if you want to survive the Zomnic onslaught. The main reason for this is that the ultimates offer their own unique spread with various pros and cons. Knowing when the best time to use them will make a big difference as you work your way up the difficulties.

For Hanzo, this means using your ultimate against Dr. Junkenstein, as above. Compared to the other enemy heroes, Junkenstein is relatively stationary and your dragon is almost guaranteed to hit him. And even if you don't have your ultimate up, make sure you're targeting him, especially at the end of the match — minimal movement makes him the hero most easily taken down by Hanzo.

Unlike Hanzo's ultimate, McCree's has a much wider spread, which means it's perfect for taking down groups of Zomnics when your team is getting overwhelmed. Don't be afraid to use it fairly often, as Zomnics — like all zombies — get their strength from numbers. It is worth noting, too, that McCree's ultimate can one-shot Reaper and Mercy if the opportunity provides itself — just don't save it for this moment if it would be better to use against a horde of Zomnics.

Lastly, Soldier: 76 and Ana's ultimates complement each other well. 76's ultimate is an all-around ability that works against Zomnics and enemy heroes alike, and having Ana boost that damage only amplifies it. Plus, Soldier: 76 can fire somewhat more wildly than Hanzo or McCree, which will likely mean he will benefit most from Ana's Nano Boost, whether his ultimate is up or not.

Your Standard Abilities Also Have Specific Uses

Ultimates aren't the only part of the game, though. Certain character's extra abilities have great niche uses during Junkenstein's Revenge. For example, the following are great uses for some of these:

  • Hanzo's Sonic Arrow is great to see when enemies are coming from the right hallway (seen above).
  • Scatter Arrow works really well against the RIP-Tire if you can aim directly at the ground in front of it.
  • Ana's Sleep Dart is amazing for interrupting enemy heroes' ultimates.
  • With healing limited, Soldier: 76's Biotic Field is important to use near your group when enemy heroes appear.

Overall, tackling the hardest difficulty of this brawl will definitely take coordination and a bit of preparation. But no matter what difficulty you choose, you're going to have fun! Now go protect that castle!

What are your tips for surviving Dr. Junkenstein's Revenge?


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