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Outlast 2 is true survival horror, laying on the scares thick and fast while keeping the pressure on. You don't get weapons, so you're not going to be able to shoot your way out of this one.

Instead, favors smart, methodical play. It's all about knowing when to run, when to hide and making the right moves at the right time. The opening hours of the game are truly grueling and will sorely test the faint-hearted. To help you get through the and the game's toughest moments, we've put together some tips in this to help you survive.

Check out the trailer for Outlast 2, and see if you dare take this game on:

In Outlast 2, the player controls cameraman Blake Langermann, who travels to the Arizona desert with his journalist wife only to end up stranded in a Jonestown-esque cult compound. Blake must find his wife, find out what the town is hiding and escape with his life.

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Not so easy when the cult town of Temple Gate is populated with murderous fanatics ready to slaughter you in the name of their faith. But we're here to help.

Outlast 2 Survival Guide: Tips And Tricks

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

The following advice is intended to help you guide Blake safely through the first part of Outlast 2, but it's good practice all the way. Our Blake isn't a typical video game hero—he's more fragile than the usual grizzled gunman and you're going to spend a lot of time sneaking around psycho cultists and solving puzzles.

Here's what to keep in mind on the tense journey through Temple Gate:

1. Outlast 2 Survival: Slow And Steady Wins

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

There are going to be times in Outlast 2 when you're really going to have to run for your life, but most of the time, the game rewards being slow and deliberate.

  • Most of the cultists prowling around Temple Gate won't hesitate to give persistent chase, and you can stay out of trouble by moving carefully and observing your environment before you act.
  • Instead of kicking down every door, try holding Interact and slowly opening the door to check what might be on the other side.
  • Carefully search every building that you come across as these grisly murder houses can hide plenty of useful items such as bandages and batteries.
  • Running in Outlast 2 generates a lot of sound and makes you an easy target. Save it for when you really have to.

Slow and steady is a good pace for sneaking around, but when the heat is on, you'll also have to get good at moving fast.

2. Outlast 2 Survival: Know When It's Time To Run

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

The cultists in Outlast 2 are much less likely to hear Blake when you're slowly moving around and crouching, but they've got keen eyes and can spot you even in the darkness.

When that happens, it's time to run for it. Sprinting is a core gameplay mechanic of Outlast 2. Blake isn't a fighter, and your response to threats will be to dash away at full speed.

When it's time to run, keep the following in mind:

  • Look for bright lights in the distance. Lights usually point in you the right direction.
  • Steer clear of hunters standing in gates, doorways, or other passages. They'll attempt to corner you. Bumping into these enemies is certain death.
  • Look for interactive elements of the environment. Alternate paths, waist-high walls, or grooves in the ground to slide under fences or gates.
  • Bloody handprints or a broken ladder often mark a climbable area.
  • Sprint for too long and you'll get winded. To evade persistent opponents, you might need to hide and catch your breath.

You know that old taunt 'You can run but you can't hide'? Well that doesn't hold up in Outlast 2, because...

3. Outlast 2 Survival: Know When To Hide

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

Enemies in Outlast 2 are smarter and more persistent than the previous game, and you may find it impossible to lose them in a straight-up chase. Most of the time the best strategy is to hide.

  • Early in the game, Blake will learn how to use the Audio function on the camera. This is useful for when you have to avoid enemy line of sight, as you can listen to figure out how close your pursuers are, and when they have left the area.
  • The village of Temple Gate is full of old shack homes which all have deadbolts and beds. If you're detected, sprint to the closest building. Close the door and deadbolt it shut. While the villager is occupied with kicking the door down, use those precious seconds to slip under the bed and hide.
  • Outlast 2 is full of potential hiding spots. Blake can conceal himself in waist-high grass, in cupboards, in barrels, etc.
  • You can even hide in high water just by ducking. Be careful though, as you can run out of breath and drown.
  • Break line of sight before hiding. No matter how good your hiding place, the enemy will follow you if they see you get into it.

These running and hiding tactics will help you escape most of the murderous villagers. Then there's that terrifying early game enemy, Marta.

4. Outlast 2 Survival: Encounter With Marta

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

Early in the game, you'll meet Marta, a creepy nun who wields a massive cross. Marta appears suddenly and moves with surprising speed, making her the most challenging early game encounter.

Here's how to get away safely from the sinister sister:

  • Check out the shed in the area outside the barn. Marta will emerge and immediately give chase. Time to run.
  • Turn around and circle the shed, leading her on so that you can safely reach the barn.
  • When you reach the barn, look to the ground. There's a small crawlspace in the dirt. Crouch or slide to slip under the barn walls and get to safety.

5. Outlast 2 Survival: Audio Mode Is Your Friend

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

Outlast 2 introduces a new mechanic in the form of Blake's night-vision equipped camera. This device can scan the environment for audio readings, and will be a lifesaver on many occasions.

  • You can listen through walls, doors, trees or grass.
  • When you enter a dangerous area, scan everywhere and check where those patrolling hunters are located without accidentally revealing yourself.
  • Using audio mode drains your camera batteries, so don't keep it activated for too long.
  • Luckily, you'll be able to find batteries conveniently lying around in shacks and houses. Maybe the villagers use them to power their flashlights?

Listening for enemies is crucial. Once you know the coast is clear, the challenge will be deciding on a direction.

6. Outlast 2 Survival: Where To Go

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

The cultists of Temple Gate aren't the only problem you'll face in Outlast 2. You'll find yourself in complex areas with no obvious way to go. Although our previous tips will help you explore safely, this game doesn't hold your hand when it comes to direction and you might find yourself feeling lost.

If you find yourself stuck, try these tricks:

  • Look for a groove in the ground. Often beneath fences, gates, or wall-like obstructions. You can crawl or slide under these.
  • If you're being chased, lead your pursuer away from their appearance point, then run back to where they came from.
  • In rocky areas, look for bloody marks on ledges. Step onto narrow spots to immediately cross them all.
  • Keep dying in the same place? Look around for telltale signs of an escape route. Crawl into hollow logs, look for broken ladders, or head towards bright lights.
  • Sometimes low grooves in the ground won't register when crawling inside. In that case, try sprinting-then-crouching to slide. Sliding into low obstacles allows you to quickly escape enemies, or activate these groove escape routes more reliably.

Of course, exploring and looking for these signs can be draining on your equipment, but there's a counter-intuitive way you can get around this.

7: Outlast 2 Survival: Need More Light?

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

There's a dirty trick you can try in Outlast 2 when you're running out of battery or health.

  • You might find yourself running out of batteries quickly if you leave the camera's night vision or audio scan on for too long.
  • When you run out of batteries or bandages you can take a dive and let yourself die. When you reload, you'll find yourself with full camera battery and full health.
  • At low health, your sprint slows down, so your ability to escape enemies is hindered. Reload with full health and you've got your mobility back.

Speaking of mobility, it's not all about running. Blake can dodge, too.

8: Outlast 2 Survival: Dodging Can Save Your Life

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

Blake's jump in Outlast 2 isn't all that impressive by video game protagonist standards, but it can come in handy.

  • If you hold back, left, or right while you jump you'll instead perform a dodge.
  • Blake can swiftly shift left, right, or step backwards to avoid an incoming attack.
  • You won't use dodging all that often in Outlast 2 because most of the time, if an enemy gets in your face, it's all over.
  • But some opponents can be outmaneuvered by a well-timed dodge. If you are killed by a telegraphed attack, try dodging if you get caught again.
  • When sprinting, you can dodge left or right to change directions.

By now, you should have a grasp of the combination of hiding, running and camera use that will help you get through Temple Gate alive. But what about those creepy dream sequences?

9: Outlast 2 Survival: Back To School

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

As you progress through Outlast 2, you'll find yourself flashing back to a creepy nightmare based on Blake's dark past in a Catholic school. These dream sequences don't follow the same logic of the main game.

  • In these sequences, it's important to interact with everything you can. Read every note, access every computer, answer every telephone and open every door.
  • Interacting with objects will reveal additional tidbits about the mystery, and when you've experienced enough of them, a route to progress will unlock.

These sequences are somewhat safer than the main game, where it seems like everyone for miles around is a homicidal maniac. There's some small comfort though.

10. Outlast 2 Survival: Not Everyone Wants to Kill You

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

I mean, it might seem that most people in Outlast 2 want to kill you, but actually, you'll often encounter passive cult members that don't attempt to murder Blake on sight.

  • The Scalded camp later in the Genesis chapter may be creepy as hell, but many of the NPCs there aren't aggressive, so long as you don't provoke them.
  • If you see a praying woman in the distance, don't worry about alerting her, but don't get too close. They're armed with butcher knives, and will gladly stab Blake to death if you make contact. Just leave them be and keep moving.

11. Outlast 2 Survival: Don't Give Up!

'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]
'Outlast 2' [Credit: Red Barrels]

Outlast 2 is a truly punishing game and at times it can feel impossible. When you're cornered, surrounded, hunted or surprised by some new horror, it's not unusual to feel trapped in a cycle of inevitable death.

  • There's always a way to progress, it's just up to you to figure it out. Some sections are tightly scripted, with literally only one path you can take to survive.
  • Other times you'll find yourself hiding for what seems like eternity, with brief interludes to Audio scan the area or surface for air. Patience and caution is key.

We hope that you've found this guide helpful when it comes to keeping Blake alive in Outlast 2. As we make further progress, we'll update this guide with more tips, but in the meantime feel free to share any tricks you've picked up on your ordeal through Temple Gate.

Any tips or tricks to share? Let us know in the comments!

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