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You know the drill with new video game releases these days. Buy-install-run-cry-report bugs-fix bugs-...-play?

Long anticipated Mecha FPS Titanfall 2 is out and already deep into the battle of the bugs.

Titanfall 2: What we know about the bugs and how best to fix them

Data Center Searching - Can't log in to data center - Is Titanfall 2's Server Down? - Connecting Respawn servers

  • Issue - You might find yourself in a loop of connecting Titanfall 2 servers with various error messages as listed above.
  • Fix 1 - If you are using multiple network adaptors then go into Network settings and disable all other adapters, then just leave the one you get internet connection from. Issue must resolve.
  • Fix 2 - Try exiting the game and exit Origin completely, open Task Manager and check that no Origin process is running, then start and login into Origin.

AMD GPU Resolution Problem - Unsupported resolution error - High resolution crash

  • Issue - Users with AMD Graphics cards might experience very low resolution
  • Fix - Make sure you have the latest drivers for your AMD Graphics Card. Download and install at least 16.10.3 version of driver from here.


  • Issue - The application's device failed due to badly formed commands sent by the application. This is a design-time issue that should be investigated and fixed.
  • Fix -This error is related to Direct-X drivers. Make sure you have latest DirectX drivers downloaded and installed on your system.

High Ping latency to Titanfall 2 servers:

  • Issue - You are getting high ping latency on Titanfall 2 servers.
  • Fix - This is an internet connection issue, so ask your ISP to investigate. Note that you need at least 512Kbps connection speed (1Mbps recommended).

Titanfall 2 crashes repeatedly with the following messages: Engine Error, WerFault.exe, GamePanel.exe, etc.

  • Issue - After a short period of gameplay, Titanfall 2 crashes with one of the following errors:

Engine Error: CreateTexture2D failed for Gfx_TextureAsset_ResizeAndCopy with HRESULT 0x8007000e

Engine Error: CreateTexture2D failed to create texture fullScreen with HRESULT 0x8007000e

Engine Error: CreateTexture2D failed to create texture highligh_GatherVerticalBuffer with HRESULT 0x8007000e

WerFault.exe - Application Error : The instruction at 0x00007FFBE0A30505DC referenced memory at 0x0000000000000030. The memory could not be written.

GamePanel.Exe Application Error: The instruction at 0x00007FFC379DE643 referenced memory at 0x00000001FFFFFFFE. The memory could not be read.

  • Fix - These errors occur if you are running Titanfall 2 at its Insane settings, but your machine doesn't have the memory to cope. Try lowering your settings to Very High and Titanfall 2 should run normally. Insane setting will utilize a lot of GPU memory causing Titanfall 2 to crash even with SLI setup or high-end cards like Nvidia 1080 with 8GB of memory. You'll need at least 12GB of GPU memory and a Titan X-like graphics card to run the game on its highest settings.

Titanfall 2 gameplay lags during mouse movement

  • Issues - Titanfall 2 gameplay jumps and stutters while movement occurs
  • Fix - Experiment with V-sync options. Defragment your HDD after installing the game for smooth texture streaming in-game and be careful with the above-mentioned "Insane" texture setting.

Titanfall 2 30FPS Lock

  • Issue - 30FPS lock happening to some players with Nvidia graphics cards. You'll experience 30fps lock if your V-Sync is on.
  • Fix - Turn on the adaptive V-Sync in Nvidia Control panel.

Errors yet to be verified and get a fix (pending further information):

Party System Issue: Unable to play with friends

Can't run Titanfall 2 in 4K Resolution

We'll be sure to update this post with more bugs and fixes as (or if) they continue to roll out, so keep yourself locked to Now Loading.

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