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With EA's out in the wild, gamers everywhere are losing their collective sh** over Respawn Entertainment's remarkable FPS. But there's a lot to come to grips with in this fast paced and endlessly chaotic game.

Whether you're looking for the fastest way to level up in multiplayer, or seeking the Titan that best suits your playstyle, we've got you covered. That includes unlocking the “Every Nook and Cranny” achievement/trophy on and , which we're about to break down for you right here and now! Get ready, there's a lot to collect.

Titanfall 2 And How To Find Its 46 Collectibles On Every Mission

Mission: The Pilot’s Gauntlet

  • Pilot Helmet Number 1: Numero uno can be located on the floating pillar adjacent to the exit in the training gauntlet. It'll be on your left and you'll need to jump onto the second-to-last target's platform. Once there, wall-run and you'll be able to reach it. Niiiiiiice.

Mission: BT-7274

  • Pilot Helmet Number 2: BT needs a battery replacement. So, head towards the waypoint and pass by the alien creatures until you happen upon a broken escape pod. You'll be incapable of missing the helmet right next to it... at least I think you will.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 3: Now that you have the third replacement battery (he needs a fair few doesn't he?), head back outside toward the broken ship protruding out of the rock spire to your left. A helmet will be hanging from it. Run up that wall and and double-jump to nab it. Moving on, pilot.

Mission: Blood and Rust

  • Pilot Helmet Number 4: Hop on into that massive sewer entrance in front of you and turn right into that big old tunnel. There's gonna be a little grate on your left where the blue Pilot Helmet will be visible. In order to get to it though, you gotta look for a large pipe close to the ceiling with a red light next to it. You'll have to wall-run and grab onto the pipe to climb into the helmet area.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 5: So, now you're in the large chamber with a big ceiling fan, right? The raised control room should be on your left, which means you'll need to exit BT close to the entrance and take the stairs on your right. Up the second set of stairs, you'll find a big vat that you can jump your beautiful self into. But don't jump in. RESIST! You'll have to climb on top of it and walk around its edge to grab the helmet.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 6: Keep pushing through towards the objective (in that large shaft (hehe)) until you run into some friendlies in a big old chamber. You'll see a cat walking... wait...a catwalk on the left which you'll need to double-jump up to. The helmet lies there, my child.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 7: Phew, that combat scene is over. Nice. You'll now need to reach the chamber with the corrosive acid on the floor. Not so nice. In this chamber, you should see the Pilot Helmet on a pipe in the back-left corner. Find that left wall, run along it, double-jump, run and then double-jump again to reach it. Nice job.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 8: You should find yourself in a room with two drones. If you don't then, WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO? You should see some yellow pipes up across from the entrance. There's a wall with the words Inlet 13 written across it, wall-run over it (how rude) and then on the opposite wall to double-jump on to the high catwalk. You'll find your precious helmet there waiting for ya.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 9: Head on into the next room. You'll need to get yourself onto the upper level of the sewage drainage—sheesh, acid now sewage?!—and then wall-run and double-jump up, higher and higher to reach a run-off drain near the ceiling.There's a—you guessed it— helmet there.

Mission: Into the Abyss – Part 1

  • Pilot Helmet Number 10: You'll drop into a big old cavern. Now take a look at the right wall of the center island. There should be a little alcove (can't not think of In Bruges thanks to that word) containing your tenth helmet. Hop out of your Titan to claim it.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 11: On the left wall, there's a big crack left of the very same chamber. You gotta use your pilot to get yourself through the hole, and look on the jutting rock covered in plantlife on your right. Number 11 resides within. Within you! Wha?
  • Pilot Helmet Number 12: You're in a big hallway where objects are being carted around. You'll see a ledge overlooking the cavern interior on the left. At the end of this path there's a passage straight ahead. Just to the left there's a more narrow path, head in there and use the three white pillars to reach the block pipes built into the rocks. Hop onto the pipes and follow them around the corner to get this crafty little helmet. What you doing here anyway?!
  • Pilot Helmet Number 13: In the room with massive robot arms just ready to cuddle you (lol no way) exit BT on the landing pad. You'll see a parked flyer, go over to the right of it and look down into the abyss below and jump. WAIT DON'T! You gotta spot the massive black pipe first and aim for that. The helmet is on it.

Mission: Into the Abyss – Part 2

  • Pilot Helmet Number 14: You've now lost BT. Nice job. Real nice job. So, look to your right before you cross a pipe pretty early in the mission. The Pilot Helmet is on a jagged rock. Use the large vertical pipe to wall-run and reach this collectible. I kind of forgive you now.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 15: In the area with loads of large pallets with grass on the slate, look for an area infested with cats. CAT WALKS! Sorry. Jump onto the catwalks, and run up the path to the right. Keep on going up the diagonal concrete wall (who built this sh**) to a loading area with large blue containers. Now turn and you'll see some pipes with the collectible on top of them. Wall run near the ceiling and you'll get there eventually. Eveeeeentually.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 16: Keep riding that platform until the piece connects with the rest of the sideways structure. Get yourself up out of that hole and jump on yet another diagonal structure (seriously, guys?!) mounted against the wall. Find some catwalks and then run up that rock wall to the 16th Pilot Helmet.

Mission: Into the Abyss – Part 3

  • Pilot Helmet Number 17: You're in a dome. Leave the dome. Once out you'll enter yet another massive chamber (these are some open areas in this game, huh?) with three black cylinders. The Pilot Helmet is resting on the middle one, awaiting your warm embrace. Use the switch to reveal the platforms and simply jump across to nab it.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 18: Using the moving walls to cross the chasm and return to BT (you finally returned to him, you selfish bastard), look to the right before entering the battlefield. On the edge of the chasm you'll find the helmet on a rock.

Mission: Effect and Cause – Part 1

  • Pilot Helmet Number 19: Right at the start of this mission, when you reconnect with BT emotionally and whisper sweet nothings inside of his body (wow that sounds weird) look down from the ledge. The Pilot Helmet is near the large “02” sign on the building below. Hop down to the street and run yourself across the wall to collect it.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 20: Keep walking down the street and you'll see a helmet on a street light (you just chilling there, bruv?) near the doors to the 'Reactor Facilitiy'. You gotta disrespect the face of the building and run on it to grab a hold of the helmet.

Mission: Effect and Cause – Part 2

  • Pilot Helmet Number 21: Once inside, you'll get an objective to 'Search the Complex' (you better do it). So get yourself into the elevator in the past on the right before returning to the present—now that was a sentence that can only make sense in a video game... even then. Double-jump up the shaft (bahahaha), switch time periods, then switch again and look up. You can now wall-run and jump up the narrow shaft (tee-hee) to reach the collectible.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 22: In the past, you'll find yourself in the hallway with the glass floor (precarious much), switch to the present to spot the floating helmet. You'll have to wall-run across the enflamed... wait... the covered-in-fire passage to grab a hold of it.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 23: Now we're underground. Woop woop. You'll probably see some turrets (in the past), but switching to the present will remove them (cause who the f*** needs turrets, anyway?). After passing the turrets, look to the ceiling for a circular container. You gotta jump your little self into it and switch to the past to find number 23. Yep, the abysmal Jim Carrey movie is in the container.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 24: Man, this whole time warping thing makes for some tricky helmet finding. At the large cryo chamber, you’ll spot the helmet in the present. Just got jump over the platforms to reach it!
  • Pilot Helmet Number 25: While in the same cryo chamber, head to the back of it, close to the exit. There's a single hanging wall that'll swap places during time periods (how is this possible though...?). Swap between the past and the present to wall-jump across the gap.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 26: Once you cross the alternating wall-run platforms, you’ll reach the glass wall. Before wall-running across to the exit, switch to the present and grab the helmet as you cross the glass. 'Cross the glass' could be an awesome album name. You're welcome.

Mission: The Beacon – Part 1

  • Pilot Helmet Number 27: So, we're in the substation and it's just you and me. Awww yeah... sorry. You'll need to find a room with two spinning cylinders. The helmet will be really easy to spot on the right cylinder. 'Tis easy to grab a hold of.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 28: Now that you've got the Arc Tool (nice one, pilot) you gotta use it on the second silo. Leap up high and look at the concrete beams at the top of the silo to spot a hidden helmet which is now no longer hidden because I just told you about it, etc. It's between the big 'L' and '3'. Get yourself up there!

Mission: The Beacon – Part 2

  • Pilot Helmet Number 29: Upon leaving the substation, climb up to the platform beneath the giant satellite dish. A little floaty helmet can be spotted next to one of the pillars.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 30: Now, turn around. In the game. Obviously. Look at the towers outside the facility. One of the white towers has a black cylinder connected to it, you're gonna have to get yourself on it. Do you have what it takes? Full disclosure: It's really easy.

Mission: The Beacon – Part 3

  • Pilot Helmet Number 31: So, allow BT to grab a hold of you (any day, you lovely bastard) and launch you across the gap. Anyone else love it when he does this?! When you land, enter the interior using the Arc Toll on the door control and the helmet can be found on the first floor.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 32: Move dat crane like nobody's business so that you can wall-run across to the other side. Use that Arc Tool again and once inside this new structure, go upstairs, turn left and the number 32 will be on the roof of the next building. Jump on over to it. Don't be shy.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 33: WAIT! Don't head to that dish just yet. You gotta use the crane to get yourself over to the area that's under construction. It's all black and yellow. The helmet is easy to spot, it’s on the tallest rooftop of the large platform area.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 34: Find the building marked '04' and strut yourself through the door. They'll be some enemies (*shakes fist*)standing in a hallway to the left of the doorway. Make like the wind and run up the scaffolding to reach the area above said hallway to find another floating helmet.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 35: So, once a bunch of fighting has taken place, you'll find yourself outside with a large construction sign on your left. You see that "Restricted Area" sign? You gotta get on to the platform to the right of it, climb under and across the office, and jump to the edge with the two diagonal beams. The helmet will be sitting here waiting for your sweet embrace.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 36: Head back to BT (cause he's the best) and he's gonna throw you again up onto the satellite catwalks (so much fun). Get yourself to the opposite walkway and the helmet is just there in plain sight. Tis on a set of stairs.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 37: Now you gotta get up onto the satellite and into its interior. Have a look at the white supports underneath the dish and you'll see one of the floaty helmets just chilling. Shouldn't be too hard to spot.

Mission: Trial by Fire

  • Pilot Helmet Number 38: So, you're in the base and Sarah Briggs contacts you (badass). Once this happens, you'll see a high platform to your left with two turbines spinning around like no tomorrow. Hop out of the wonderful BT and get yourself up onto this platform. The collectible is between the two spiny things.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 39: Keep on going down the straight path ahead towards the elevator at the end. But don't go into it. Obviously. You gotta look to the ground to spot a yellow tube. Follow it like the yellow brick road into a maintenance shaft. Crawl on through and jump up one level to be created by a blue helmet.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 40: There's an elevator nearby. This one you can take. Once out, you're gonna need to find the road that bends to the left. You're gonna need to look to the ledge on the right. There's a pair of white spheres on the right where the last helmet of the mission is resting on a protruding pipe.

Mission: The Ark

  • Pilot Helmet Number 41: What a mission. Jumping onto the landing ship hangar bay, you’ll be able to see the blue light of the pilot helmet from the exterior. Get inside the enemy ship and slay your way to the diagonal window in the right corner of the room. You can access the Pilot Helmet from here by doing a bit of wall-running, which I hope you've figured out how to use by now.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 42: Once you're back with your allies, a friendly Titan dropship will fly in near the catwalks. Jump back into the loading area, cause we ain't done here yet. See that big red Titan friend? Say hi for me and then look behind him. You gotta get here fast, though. The door closes pretty fast.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 43: Now you're in an enormous hangar. You see where the flyers are stored? Head over there to the far back wall and look on the catwalks connected to the flyer one spot above the bottom level. Your destiny awaits you there.

Mission: The Fold Weapon

  • Pilot Helmet Number 44: Now there are turrets everywhere. Not at the beginning, you need to get here. Anyway. Fight yourself to the roof of the A30 building and get on top of it. There's a tall unit with loads of big old black wires plugged into the side of the roof. Hop up onto this thing to be greeted with that warm blue hue.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 45: You need to get to the B4 cannon bunker and enter the first interior room to see the helmet on a high pipe against the back wall. You gotta use the containers in the room to wall-run and jump your way up to it. God speed, soldier.
  • Pilot Helmet Number 46: You do it. You made it to the end. Well done, pilot. here's how to get the final helmet: find the room with the glowing balls. Or spheres. Whatever you wanna call them. Stick to the right wall and exit BT at the “R5” label near the enclosed office. Above this office, there’s a series of black wires. Get on up them and the final Pilot Helmet will be staring at you lustfully. Take it into your arms gently and enjoy that achievement. You've earned it.

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