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Titanfall 2 has finally released and with it comes the promise of some of the quickest and tensest multiplayer you'll get your hands on as 2016 comes to a halt. But with that fact in mind, whether you're a newbie or an experienced pilot, Titanfall 2's has quite the learning curve, so don't learn the hard way.

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Instead, why not take a minute to get to grips with the pros and cons of each Titan with this here handy list of walking battle tanks ranked from beginner through to advanced, and see which Titan is best for your abilities!

Which Titan Should You Pick For Multiplayer In Titanfall 2?

Beginner Tier

Legion Class

We are legion
We are legion

Overview: Powerful and deadly, but very slow. Can be taken to task by much nimbler Titans.

Legion is a big, hulking, lumbering mass of a walking tank and is the most powerful Titan on this list. With high defensive and attacking attributes, Legion is the perfect accessory for getting your head around how to effectively become a bringer of destruction in Titanfall 2.

Its main weapon is the Predator Cannon (or minigun to you and I) and whilst it is devastating at long and close range, it takes an age to get spinning. So make sure to have some cover as its cogs get turning.

Legion's four abilities are:

  • Power Shot (Ordnance) - Close range use knocks enemies back, long range use destroys anything in its path. So good for pushing back the enemy.
  • Mode Switch (Tactical) - Switch between long and close range precision rounds.
  • Gun Shield (Defensive) - Deploys a shield around the Predator Cannon to deflect incoming fire. You can still move when this is active, which is great!
  • Smart Core (Core) - Legion will automatically lock on to anything in range, meaning you don't have to be accurate in order to take down or weaken your prey.

Tone Class

Justice rains from everywhere
Justice rains from everywhere

Overview: Dangerous in the right hands, Tone could be the ultimate destructive force on the battlefield with its homing abilities.

Another solid all-rounder of a Titan with balanced stats in mobility, damage and health, Tone utilizes explosive rounds as its main weapon with its insane 40mm Tracker Cannon, which also grants every hit with partial lock-on. Three successful shots will grant you full lock-on and the ability to unleash Tracker Rockets, a devastating barrage of shoulder mounted missiles.

Tone's four abilities are:

  • Tracker Rockets (Ordnance) - As mentioned earlier, this fires a ton of rockets at a fully locked-on enemy.
  • Sonar Lock (Tactical) - Reveals any enemies that may be lurking in close proximity and grants partial lock-on.
  • Particle Wall (Defensive) - Creates a shield that Tone can shoot through.
  • Salvo Core (Core) - Releases a rocket barrage that can be controller mid-flight. They will prioritize enemies that are aimed at.

Intermediate Tier

Ion Class

Greased Lightning
Greased Lightning

Overview: Ion, pilot's bane, is the perfect Titan for trying out your newly earned skills, what with its clever tripwire mines and shoulder mounted precision laser.

Another terrific all-rounder, Ion is the thing of laser enthusiast's dreams. With its powerful Splitter Rifle, Ion can and will tear through opponents with relative ease. The Splitter Rifle has two different modes, the first being an automatic energy rifle, and the second is a powerful split shot. But be weary of the second mode as it drains energy.

Ion's four abilities are:

  • Laser Shot (Ordnance) - This shoulder mounted cannon rips through anything in its path and makes puddles of pilots.
  • Tripwire (Tactical) - These are laser-triggered mines that can be discreetly placed around the map to mess with your opponents.
  • Vortex Shield (Defensive) - A shield that absorbs enemy fire and redirects it at them.
  • Laser Core (Core) - A chest-mounted and outrageously powerful laser beam that you definitely don't want to be caught in.

Scorch Class

Let me stand next to your fire
Let me stand next to your fire

Overview: Powerful and deadly, but its one shot cannon can leave you exposed to attack if it has missed a target.

Possibly the cruellest Titan on this here list, Scorch is a pyro's daydream and will rain fire-y redemption upon the battlefield with its T-203 Thermite Launcher, a one-shot gun that fires deadly incendiary rounds. Using fire as both a means of defence and attack, Scorch's super (Flame Core) has to be one of the most devastating attacks in the game.

Scorch's four abilities are:

  • Firewall (Ordnance) - Fires a wall of flaming thermite at enemies.
  • Incendiary Trap (Tactical) - Deploys flammable canisters of gas that will explode on the lightest contact.
  • Thermal Shield (Defensive) - Melts incoming artillery fire and damages anything in close proximity.
  • Flame Core (Core) - Creates a huge wave of fire that will damage or destroy all in its wake.

Advanced Tier

Northstar Class

Nothing can hide from this one's sights
Nothing can hide from this one's sights

Overview: Swift and deadly, but next to no shielding makes Northstar a candidate for the peripheries of the battlefield.

The ultimate in airborne tomfoolery, Northstar is a lightweight and quick sniper Titan that also has the ability to fly. So yeah, get ready to aim rockets and swear words at this one. Northstar's powerful chargeable Plasma Railgun has high damage making capability, but it will suffer in a straight fight against other titans due to low health. So make sure to use its VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) jetpack to good use when picking off enemies from range.

Northstar's four abilities are:

  • Cluster Missiles (Ordnance) - Create sustained explosions on impact which is great for rushing other Titans.
  • VTOL Hover (Tactical) - This is fairly self-explanatory. This ability allows you to hover.
  • Tether Trap (Defensive) - Mines that allow you to chain numbers of enemies together for easier dispatching.
  • Flight Core (Core) - You take to the sky and unleash a barrage of rockets on enemies below.

Ronin Class

Ultra Hyper Robo-Samurai Battle Mode
Ultra Hyper Robo-Samurai Battle Mode

Overview: A sword wielding Titan that is easily destroyed, but not without causing a huge fuss first!

And finally, Ronin. A super agile and fast Titan with a friggin' sword. But with its major agility comes significantly paltry health, so use Ronin wisely. But the madness doesn't end there. Ronin also utilizes a massive shotgun with a fairly wide spread of fire, and it can phase out of our reality too for stealth purposes. No biggie.

Ronin's four abilities are:

  • Arc Wave (Ordnance) - Fires a wave of electricity that damages anything in its path.
  • Phase Dash (Tactical) - Allows Ronin to phase through matter and oncoming fire for a brief moment of time.
  • Sword Block (Defensive) - This... well... blocks incoming fire and can be used indefinitely.
  • Sword Core (Core) - Boosts Ronin's sword and melee attacks and even dishes out new attacks for clicks and giggles.

And that, my friends, was our rundown of all six of Titanfall 2's Titans. The only question left now is...

How do you use your Titan?


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