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Video games can be extreme, they can be hard hitting and some can be flat out horrific. Sometimes you will not even realize that you are playing a WTF moment in a game until it’s too late. One minute you are a happy gamer then, boom, broadside! A WTF scene tears you right out from your comfort zone and beats on your face like a drum.

We have a collated a selection of video game moments that range from the most harrowing and outrageous all the way down to those that just make you want to throw your controller at the hamster and scream WTF!

Warning – some of these scenes are pretty graphic. Some of these scenes will leave you feeling dirty and rocked to your very core.

Dom's Wife - 'Gears of War 2'

Yea, that happened. Throughout the majority of Gears of War 2, there is an inevitably futile sub story running that relates to Dom and his missing wife. Dom and Markus periodically throw her name back and forth to keep Dom focused on smashing grubs.

However, when we end up finding Dom's wife the game totally throws us an emotional curve ball that none of us were expecting.

She appears to him (and us) as he remembered her, beautiful and youthful – the interaction then goes on to show her as she truly is now. A weak and dying shell of a human. Dom is forced into executing his own wife. WTF!

Call of Duty 4 – the airport

That scene at the airport in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 where the player takes on the role of a member of the antagonist terror group. This entire scene was not received well by the world media and condemned for the endorsement of terror, this terminal mission certainly gets a WTF vote from me.

The game designers recognised that this may cause some offence so allowed the players to skip the mission if they so felt like it. I do not know one person that has skipped this mission – do I have odd friends?

Still, this was a very surreal experience for many gamers and certainly one that made me question my enthusiasm at various points – yea, WTF Activision?!

Eternal Darkness – the memory card

So, Eternal Darkness is messed up on many levels, players spend most of their time high as a kite, tripping balls around claustrophobic halls. But, that wasn’t enough for the game developers behind this incredible title. Aside from the classic scenes in which the player finds it immensely impossible to walk in a straight line when the screen is distorting like a mother f*cker they take it a step further with this epic memory card hoax.

At a certain point the game will just stop, and display a blue error screen that informs that player that an error has occurred and that all their hard work will be deleted. This had gamers freaking out – little did anyone know that this was just the game messing with the player in a new ingenious way. WTF!

House of the Dead Overkill – Mother f*cker

This utterly bizarre, outrageous game caters to so many stereotypes it would be virtually impossible to know where to start. If the controversial dialogue is not enough to make you question every life decision you have ever made that has led you to be playing this game, then the end cutscene certainly will.

It involves a lot of swearing and a lot of questionable motives. One of which involves one of the bad guys climbing into a 12-foot vagina. Need I say WTF or did you already do that?

Check this s*** out mother f*****s, that will make sense after you have watched the scene.

Pyramid Head – That 'Rapey' Scene!

Remember that time when you saw one of the most evil video game creations raping a mannequin? Of course, you do, it is one of those things that cannot be unseen.

This is another scene from a video game that caused a particularly large backlash. The depiction of rape within video games was not considered to be a great move from the developers – it was introducing a sexual element to a game that didn’t necessarily warrant it.

The scene was almost removed but the developers decided to keep it in because a) it is an over 18 title – not intended for kids and b) it was a sexual encounter with an inanimate object.

Still, myself, like many of you Silent Hill gamers who walked around that corner and saw that taking place managed to utter “what the f*ck?!”, under our breath.

Dead Space 2 – Something In Your Eye?

Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in your eye. You know the scene.

Need I say more - this cringe-worthy scene had us all playing from behind the sofa. Even if you got this right and didn’t end up drilling into the back of the skull it was not a pleasant experience to take part in. My eyes are literally watering now watching that scene back.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Nuke

Coming from one of the best shooter-em-ups ever made, this WTF moment had many of us rendered utterly speechless.

After abandoning the tactical retreat option players find themselves running for their lives after one of the most intense firefights in first-person shooter history. Players are left with just the one objective – get to the chopper (Arnie voice).

When you successfully make it to the chopper and up into the air you are able to see out of the back via the drop hatch. You can see the other units pulling out and all seems to be a-ok until – the bomb detonates.

All the choppers are brought down and in the next scene, the player is forced to play out the last couple of breaths of their US character. WTF, but more of a holy sh*t that was incredible WTF. Best Call of Duty by far.

Mario – WTF

Mario? Yup, Most of us were a lot younger when we first played Mario – we battled through many a seemingly impossible level, with a controller that barely consisted of enough buttons to effectively 'bash'. The whole video game concept was new – we hadn’t really figured out the dexterity yet either – this Mario lark was hard.

So, as a kid new to this concept it was a freaking unbelievable feeling to complete the game and save the mushroom kingdom.

But, it wasn’t quite the ticker tape parade we felt we deserved upon completion was it? “Thank you Mario – but our princess is in another castle” – You’re kidding right?!

This has to be the first time in video game history that gamers worldwide were united in the phrase WTF!?

Got any particularly horrific gaming experiences that you want to share with us? Have you got any WTF gaming moments?