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Simon Rune Knudsen

DUDE. It's time to go deeper down the rabbit hole and get like interactive and stuff. Start a business in your spare time. Grow an empire built on weed, man. Like Walter White — in a ! You don't even have to get off the couch and worry about the police or nothing, as long as you keep it real simple by doing business in-game only.

It's a great way to escape society, man. For real. Wiz Khalifa knows it, he has built his own weed growing video game called something as uninspired as Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm. Those developers must've been sober AF when they came up with that generic name.

Anyway, Wiz Khalifa's Weed Farm is pretty far out, but there are other, cooler, more quintessential pot-focused games to be found. Like this one, Bud Farm: Grass Roots. It's like Hay Day but with weed. Like, weed weed.

Let us introduce you.

This Is Your Story As A Marijuana Mogul

Bud Farm: Grass Roots (which on Android devices is named Pot Farm) is supposedly the greatest weed game available on mobile devices. It's super in-depth, more addictive than the White Widow hiding under your mattress, and complex enough to splinter a stoned mind for good.

Sounds awesome, right? It is. In Bud Farm you're able to do everything from plant, water and trim weed plants on your custom farm to create delicious munchie foods and pot products that you can take to contests. Heck, you can even hire your own cheap, crooked labor to do the hard farm work, while you spend your time creating a beautiful stoner paradise with decorations and chill facilities.

It's Chill But Money Will Still Get You Ahead

Awww, yes. This is a dream game come true for any pot-enthusiast who just likes to watch plants grow until they're smokable. The whole setting is just so relaxing, and the characters in the game are lovable beyond belief. You can even connect to Facebook to trade product with your real-life buds!

There's only one, not so chill thing about Bud Farm: Grass Roots. As with most mobile games these days, the long-reaching, unjust ideas of cooperate capitalism have infiltrated the game. You are able to play Bud Farm for free, but just a small amount of money put into the game will give your farm a considerable boost.

Meaning that any player that coughs up gets a huge advantage, which skews the balance of the in-game ecosystem and creates the possibility of an unhealthy economic relationship to Bud Farm. The prospect of this is especially problematic as weed-lovers are soft, optimistic and naive beings, easily seduced by these kinds of temptations.

With that said, it's really up to you how you want to enjoy Bud Farm: Grass Roots. Just stay chill and perhaps consider not giving in to all the capitalistic temptations, instead honoring the left-wing spirit of the '60s that inspired the stoner movement we see in the game.


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