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It seems that planning heists, pushing drugs and generally living the life of crime in San Andreas state got a bit much for Grand Theft Auto V's Trevor Philips. The Canadian psychopath is taking a break from turning order into chaos, now appearing in Old Spice commercials.

Yes, Trevor Philips has turned from being one of the most foul humans in to promoting "legendary products for men" like deodorants and fragrances. Life sure is strange.

Bob Giovanni Will Haunt Your Dreams

We have to get one thing out of the way. The actor in the commercial isn't actually playing Trevor Philips from but Bob Giovanni, a sleazy guy we presume smells like both God's own leather jacket and the rose gardens of the seven heavens. But he looks so much like Trevor that we choose to ignore this fact.

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The actor's name is Steven Ogg and, as far as we know, he's a perfectly sane, law-abiding guy, who's not only known for looking exactly like Trevor. He also stars as Neegan's right hand in The Walking Dead and the scoundrel Rebus in Westworld.

The Greatest Career Change Of All Time

We guess the partnership with Michael and Franklin went bottoms up or Trevor got spiritual or something. Perhaps he found God in that haunted, derelict motel in Blaine County. Or maybe the new career is just an elaborate scheme to pull off another unspeakable act of indecency.

We kinda hope so. Because no matter how disgusting and unlikable, Trevor is a source for nearly unlimited entertainment. And we would miss him greatly if he went into the relatively straight edged advertisement business. When are we gonna see him back on the streets of Los Santos, Rockstar? Steven Ogg can only stay clean for so long.

Check out Trevor in his more familiar GTA V setting:


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