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How do you like to sit when you play video games? Apparently, your posture tells a lot about your playstyle and mindset when you're gaming.

At least, it certainly does in Japan. Kotaku first brought the idea to our attention while explaining a series of images depicting posture choices for Japanese arcade players. Popular Japanese Twitter user Ringo Tart originally drafted up the series of images, satirizing how Japanese players sit when playing arcade games. Kotaku provides a translation for the four styles: Bending Forward, Twist Type, Way-Too-Good Posture, and, our favorite, "Half-Assed."

It's a pretty humorous take, but somewhat relatable, too: all of us know at least one friend who plays video games sitting down like Tart shows. Of particular note, bending forward and leaning over with a plumber's crack are, unfortunately, rather common.

So Tart's tweet got us thinking: how do most Western gamers play PC games? We all have our own unique set of poses and postures, right? So it's important to categorize the different postures that PC gamers show off. Without further ado, here's our five types of PC gamer playstyles, inspired by Tart's own work.

The Relaxed Player

This one is all too familiar, and quite popular among desktop players with really cushy computer chairs. Players who prefer the Relaxed Play tend to press their back all the way against their chair, relax their muscles, and just barely let their hands make contact with the mouse and keyboard. The end result is a chill, vegged-out look that allows for both concentration and maximum comfort.

This style is a favorite among players that are very confident in their gaming skills (arguably, overconfident). It's also popular among PC gamers playing any game that requires a controller, because controllers are for casuals. Of course.

The Gentle Lean

Otherwise known as the "standard" PC gaming posture of choice. The gentle lean involves pushing your back forward, holding the mouse tight, and placing your fingers across the "ready" position over your WASD or QWER setup, depending on what type of game you're playing.

What's nice about this lean is that it allows the player to concentrate without stressing out their body. That way, you can lean straight into the computer monitor for more rigorous plays. Plus, it allows you to quickly move your torso backwards or forwards, allowing you to increase concentration if necessary -- or relax and watch the battlefield play out.


When the game gets intense, it's time to lean in as close as you humanly can. This pose involves gripping tight onto your mouse, moving your head close to the screen, leaning over the keyboard, and smashing down on both your keyboard and mouse as fast as possible when the time is right. Once the adrenaline rush wears out, you're likely to feel a little silly; but in the moment, it's one of the most exciting ways to play a video game.

The Backache

Have you ever decided to play a video game while sitting up on a bed or floor without a backrest? That's exactly what this pose is, for those who haven't tried it yet. In particular, this involves hunching over your keyboard and leaning into the computer, usually with a hard surface of some sort to keep your mouse's aim steady. Convenient in a pinch.

Why the name? Well, play too much like this, and you're sure to get plenty of back pain. But sometimes it's worth it for a little bit of spontaneous gaming. That is, until it's too uncomfortable to move around because of your back cramping up.

The Lazy Way

Laying down on your stomach with your feet in the air? Yeah, it doesn't get much lazier than this. The Lazy Way lets you play computer games with a controller or keyboard while lying around on the ground, usually with a pillow or mattress of some sort underneath.

For an even lazier alternative, you can also prop up a keyboard, laptop, or controller on your stomach to lay down on a bed and play PC games from afar. We recommend doing so in your pajamas too in order to finish the "lazy gamer who won't leave bed" look.

Beware that laying on your stomach while craning your neck can cause neck strain if it's done for prolonged periods of time. So be lazy with care.

Of course, there's all sorts of ways to play video games: from standing up to lying down. So don't let these five posture styles confine you. Enjoy playing video games any way you want, as long as it's done safely and responsibly!

What's your preferred posture style for playing PC games? Share yours in the comments below.


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