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Do you have over two hundred consecutive hours to spare? Are you a binge-watcher? And most importantly, do you really love Power Rangers? If you answered "yes" to all of these then you should Go Go to Twitch (or the link below) to join the most intense Power Rangers marathon ever!

Twitch Presents is currently hosting a livestream from March 14 until March 30 that will play all 831 episodes of Power Rangers back to back. That's all twenty-three seasons excluding the ongoing Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

In an attempt to expand beyond just game streaming, Marketing Director Annie Berrones had this to say:

"Guided by feedback from our community, Twitch has been focusing on content beyond gaming that nurtures the culture around their interests, whether it be anime, art, cooking, or pop culture, in general. As an iconic sci-fi, superhero franchise that achieved legacy status over the past two decades, Power Rangers fits right into our community's wheelhouse."

Power Rangers, making grass explode better than Michael Bay.
Power Rangers, making grass explode better than Michael Bay.

And she's completely right! At the time of this writing the live stream has over 40,000 and counting. Let's see how many fans stick around when Turbo starts. Or better yet, the fans that return to the stream to watch the Psycho Rangers Arc from In Space – y'know, the best season of Power Rangers.

The Psycho Rangers were awesome! [Credit: Saban]
The Psycho Rangers were awesome! [Credit: Saban]

So if you really want to see grass explode through epic posing, your favorite story arcs such as the Green Ranger saga and Forever Red, or want to re-experience that time the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles met the Power Rangers (the 90's was a strange place), and if you cannot get enough of your favorite multi-colored spandex wearing heroes, then be sure to suit up and tune into Twitch for the next seventeen days.

Will you be watching this epic Power Rangers marathon? What's your favorite season of Power Rangers? Sound off in the comments!

And be sure to check out the trailer for the movie releasing March 24th because without it we wouldn't be having this Morphinominal Marathon!


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