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Hanzo may be aggravating to play against when you get sniped by his car-sized arrows around corners without being able to see him. But you just have to respect a guy who goes the extra mile.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Rudeism has been known for creativity in playing games. He piloted D.VA with flight sticks, controlled Crash Bandicoot with a DDR pad, and aped out on Winston with bananas.

But he's taken it to another level with his latest contraption.

Not only was he able to get through an entire round of Overwatch playing with a Nerf bow, he got a double kill.

I'm not sure if the footage is inspirational or tilting. The idea of being killed by a Hanzo arrow out of a Mercy Rez by someone who is shooting an actual bow at their screen is kind of amazing and ridiculous at the same time.

What's next? He'll use shurikens and a katana to play Genji? Wield an actual shield to play Reinhardt? Or maybe he'll use a sling shot to hurl balls at his monitor while he bounces through the Temple of Anubis as Junk Rat.

Actually none of the above.

But we hold out hope for next time. Whatever he does, this feat alone is pretty impressive.

What are some unorthodox ways you play games?


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