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A group of streamers on have been roleplaying and you'll never guess what happens next. Seriously, you won't. They're unpredictable and as epic as a soap opera and there's no telling what antics the characters will get into, which adds to the entertainment and hilarity.

The server is a heavily modded private server for GTA V roleplay. It has attracted a group of Twitch streamers and has blown up in popularity, even beating out League of Legends at times. While there are plenty of funny clips available, the true entertainment comes from watching the story organically unfold and seeing the characters deal with various hijinks.

The rules of the server are simple: treat it like a real world, involving obeying traffic and real world laws. But the characters and streamers behind them get into shenanigans like you wouldn't believe, with the city's troopers never far behind. Because so many streamers are participating, you can hop from stream to stream to see different viewpoints or stories.

There have been rap battles, fight clubs, bank robberies, diving off the roof pool parties, beach campfires, and so much more. It's basically a modern take of Dukes of Hazzard, though less black and white, with the citizens purposefully antagonizing the troopers at times.

On one side you have the troopers, maintainers of the law. On the other side you have the bumbling troublemakers, a constant thorn in the troopers' side. The streamers get amazingly into character, each with different quirks and personalities.

Streamers Have Fun Getting Into Character

A favorite character is Eli Thompson, the admin of the server and the head state trooper. His default state is "hard ass", rising to "nuclear" if provoked. He works with a team of deputies to apply strict application of the law, but they also utilize sting operations and confidential informants via the other characters.

Timmac and GiantWaffle play the Dankweed brothers, never far from trouble. The ditzy Ella Stone, played by Proxy, is well-known for being a terrible driver and Proxy never fails to crash anything with wheels that she gets her hands on. At one point Ella managed to convince one of the deputies to loan her his convertible...only to immediately crash it on the highway.

Strippin plays the Thai prostitute and drug runner, Sou Pacpao, who is probably the most troublesome of all. She's involved in most of the shenanigans and has an ongoing personal feud with Trooper Thompson that keeps escalating with every interaction.

Gordie Whitman, played by Classypax, is wholesome Canadian who often finds himself inadvertently mixed up with trouble, though he often manages to talk his way out of it.

The Cast of Streamers

Roleplay Takes Precedence Over All

Everything is done in character. Server maintenance is referred to as "sleeping" or "The Rapture". The in-game chat is referred to as Twitter, giving the players a reason why they see or know certain things. If the server is lagging, causing characters to act strange, they are having seizures or even possessed.

When the server information was leaked online, the in-game reason was that it appeared on TV. And when they subsequently had to ban the influx of trolls from the leaked information, it was a mass "deportation" spree.

Twitch chat for the individual streamers even has an in-game reason. During a rap contest where the viewers were suggesting rap lyrics, the players' characters received lyrics from their "managers".

The server is on heavy lockdown to prevent trolls or griefers from joining, due to the surge of popularity and subsequent influx of players, which happens often when streamers are involved. To preserve the roleplay and story, they have to be very selective about who joins, otherwise it would ruin the immersion and/or crash the server. There is currently quite a waiting list.

The streamers are also enjoying the popularity and it has been a boon on their subscription and viewer counts. They are supportive of each other, often prompting their viewers to check out the fellow roleplayers in the story. It's nice to see such a resurgence in roleplay, as it has traditionally been relegated to either super serious fantasy or digital debauchery. This brings more humor to the genre and puts it forth into the mainstream, providing entertainment for everyone.

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