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Yesterday, the secondary evolutions for Pokémon Sun and Moon's upcoming starters were revealed and the internet, in all its usual glory, reacted as it does. The results are pretty good stuff, and we've rounded up the best reactions to each evolution here.

But first, two very different takes on the evolutions as a whole:

Gotta say, I can't disagree with either.

Rowlet's Evolution, Dartrix, Probably Had The Most Diverse Set Of Reactions

Starting off, we have an apt comparison that spans all across Nintendo's consoles and franchises:

But some people saw Dartrix as something other than emo...

And finally, the internet reminded me that I'm getting older by continually posting "BOI" reactions that went entirely over my head:

Popplio's Evolution, Brionne, Was Met With One Of Two Possible Reactions

No, really:

Litten's Evolution, Torracat, Is...Well, A Cat. And The Internet Loves Cats

Let's just get this one out of the way:

I don't actually know if this one was specifically responding to Torracat, but it's a red Toad and it's entertaining, so why not?

The designers clearly know what people want out of a cat Pokémon:

And of course, the reactions end with a classic Twitter campaign that aims to make sure Litten's final form doesn't wind up on two legs, like certain leaks have purported:

Which is your favorite reaction (here or anywhere else) to the new Pokémon evolutions?


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