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is a 3D action game set in the 1950s that sees a miniature robot pitted against an unfamiliar world full of challenges, obstacles and formidable enemies. An up-and-coming studio called is responsible for breathing life into this highly emotive robotic adventure.

What's Tyler: Model 005 all about?

When Tyler Model 005, a spunky miniature robot, is unexpectedly powered up during a thunderstorm after many years of hibernation, he is thrust into an unfamiliar world in which he must embark on the biggest adventure of his synthetic existence.

Your mission? Lead Tyler through a visceral environment to find his creator, piece together what happened to his home, and discover why the master is nowhere to be seen.

The challenges that await

Tyler: Model 005 is a modern take on a vintage, 1950s world that will test your nerve as well as your skills as you navigate your way through a unforgiving environment beset with larger-than-life enemies and puzzles.

Ever heard the phrase "size matters"? Well, in this world it certainly does! Since Tyler is a miniature robot, the most mundane of objects become formidable obstacles. Anything from a pencil to a coffee mug can make your life very difficult.

The puzzles are dynamic and varied with multiple ways of completion. Tyler will also have to endure the relentless attentions of the ferocious flora and fauna that also call this place home. You'll defend yourself with fun, innovative weapons like the bolt blade, samurai sword, cherry bomb and more.


With his ability to time travel — yup, time travel — Tyler can pick up and store an array of fleek gear, from medieval helmets to baller headphones. There are even a few movie costumes for the pop-culture-reference-inclined.

Tyler hits you in the feels

Tyler will grow on you as you progress through the game, as his personality helps draw the player into the game. It's a story of endearing exploration.

Hi! I’m Tyler, the robot you’ve been reading about for the last few minutes. Running around with me looks pretty fun, right? My creator was a very, very smart man, and he gave me all sorts of different abilities that aren’t normal for a solar-powered robot. I mean, I guess solar-powered robots aren’t typical either.

Tyler: Model 005 is full of collectables, climbables and secret areas. This variety is what makes Tyler: Model 005 so much fun to play. It almost feels like a next generation take on Micro Machines — but that's just me.

Platform: PC,

Genre: Adventure, puzzler

Release date: 2017

Developer: Reversed Interactive

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