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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator or (UEBS for short) is quite the gem. Released on April 12th, the game is taking over YouTube fast, as Let's Players and streamers alike post videos of their best battle simulations.

The Steam Early Access game, created by the one-man development studio Brilliant Game Studios, features an enormous collection of battle units that players can choose from, allowing the player to create epic fights between knights, orcs, chickens, turtles, WWII soldiers, Persians, samurais, Romans, and more.

Source: Kinguin
Source: Kinguin

Oh, and the game supports an enormous amount of units on the battlefield, with 10,000 recommended, but some videos feature over 300,000 units on one side alone! The game runs on a powerful custom crowd system built in Unity, and system requirements are relatively low -- you'll need at least an i5 4590, a Radeon HD 5770, and 8 GBs of RAM (not including the beast of a CPU you'll need for huge hordes).

So what made the game take off? Well, UEBS doesn't force the player to select units based on era. You can have WWII soldiers do battle against Roman soldiers, or knights going head-to-head with a crowd of samurai. There's also a ton of interesting fantasy creatures and animal mobs for the player to spawn, such as zombies and chickens, respectively. Both options are pretty powerful, and it's not uncommon to see both do quick work against a mob of soldiers.

Interested in seeing Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator in action? Here's some of the highlights from the game, posted below.

300 Spartans vs. 10,000 Persians

Ha, why does this one sound familiar? Oh right, it's the premise behind 300, replayed thanks to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

In this clip, the Spartan units fight back against the Persians, reliving the events within the movie and showing off whether the Spartans can (or cannot) survive. Also, King Leonidas features as a super soldier, highlighted during the fight to watch his ability to fend off Persians as the battle goes on.

Special thanks to TheGamingBeaver for this one, and definitely check out the video if you want to reenact the battle yourself in UEBS.

The Battle of the Hornburg

Remember this battle from The Lord of the Rings? Also known as the Battle of Helm's Deep, this scene is one of the most iconic from the entire Lord of the Rings films and stories, featuring a massive battle between the Wizard Saruman's army and King Théoden's Rohirrim defenders.

Well, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is powerful enough to recreate the scene -- to a point -- and play it out again. Special thanks to TheGamingBeaver for this awesome recreation as well. Definitely check it out if you're a fan of The Lord of the Rings, especially if you love the Peter Jackson movies.

Super Tortoise, Rise!

Ever seen a super powerful turtle? Me neither, but that's what this Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator video shows off.

In this video from MattShea, Matt builds a super tortoise and has him go against an enormous army of WWII US soldiers. The video shows the super tortoise mowing through the entire mob, who can barely resist against the turtle's enormous strength, speed, power, and capabilities. Scary.

Check out the video above for the battle and more scenes, including Chuck Norris facing the super tortoise one-on-one.

Super World War II Soldier vs. Zombies

What's it like facing a horde of zombies as a soldier? Difficult. What's it like facing a horde of zombies as an enormously powerful super soldier?

Well, that's a question 8-BitRyan answers in his video above. During the video, a fast, powerful super soldier mows down an enormous brigade of zombies as they approach him across a long and narrow bridge. It's hilarious to watch, both because of how many zombies he kills, and also because of the sheer level of damage he's able to do in a very short time frame. Definitely check it out.

Have a favorite Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator clip? Share yours in the comments below.


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