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I went to the cinema see Assassin's Creed with a few friends when it was first released. One friend in particular is a huge fan of the video games, collects the figurines, has costume stuff for it — you name it. He's been waiting for this film for years and he absolutely loved it. I have played part of one of the games, but didn't get hooked. But I will say, it does seem like a fun series to get into.

Given the cast, and in particular, I was expecting more from this adaptation, but the issue was that I wasn't very familiar with the storyline. The beginning was intriguing and the fights were cool, but something got lost in the middle and end and I wasn't able to feel connected with any of the characters. So I think the Uncharted series would translate better to film than , and here's why:

1. Uncharted Is Heavy On Character Development

Assassin's Creed had no character development, which made the characters boring. I have played the series in its entirety and I loved watching as Nathan Drake evolved, ending beautifully with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. His relationship with other characters was what made the game so enjoyable. Sully, Elena and his brother Sam were important and we got to see how they all began and carried forward throughout the years.

wasn't the same man we first met in Drake's Fortune as he was in A Thief's End. Of course, he was still adventurous and took a lot of risks, but his outlook on life and what was most important to him had changed. The spirit of adventure is something Drake could never lose, but he could now experience it without dropping everything to go on a treasure hunt.

Neil Druckmann, creative director of , is one of the main writers for both Uncharted and . He's very intent on character development and spends a lot of time plotting his characters' trajectories. I love the backstories for Drake and the playable flashbacks that show us how he began his treasure hunting. In some ways, these also show us why Drake had commitment issues.

2. Full Of Cinematic Scenes

Assassin's Creed had some great action scenes, but there wasn't much to them that advanced the story. This is not the case for Uncharted. While any man in real life could perform Drake's feats of athleticism given enough training, swinging around mountains and surviving two sinking ships, a train wreck, and a plane crash cannot be done by just anyone. Not at the level Drake takes them to, at least.

One of my favorite moments from Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is the action-packed track wreck, which involves great gameplay as you jump up the train to get to safety. This nerve–racking scene would translate so well onto the big screen.

Also, the car chase scene in A Thief's End was so well-executed, with amazing graphics. It is a dramatic moment that's crazy to watch and experience, and I would love to see it play out in a cinema.

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3. Storyline Is Easy To Follow For Non-Gamers

Assassin's Creed was definitely a gamer's movie, which is fine, but if viewers are unfamiliar with the storyline, then there's all the likelihood they'll be unable to follow what is going on and quickly become bored. While I was watching the film, I must admit I was getting antsy and wished I had read up more on the premise.

Uncharted is like a modern-day . It's easy-to-follow plot would appeal to more than just a . Going on adventures and looking for treasure with Drake would be a fun thing to watch unfold on the big screen. It certainly was enjoyable in the games and there is enough going on in each installment to make them all worth watching.

What do you think? Would you go see Uncharted if it was released as a film, or have you got a better idea for a video game adaptation? Sound off below.


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