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Resident Evil 7 is out and gamers everywhere are hungry to get their hands on the full story of this creepy classic. To learn as much as possible (and get those sweet achievements) you'll need to grab every extra story file in the game. We've also got guides to the locations of every antique coin, how to unlock all the weapons and the locations of the Mr. Everywhere statues.

A Guide To Every File Location in 'Resident Evil 7'

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]

Here's our to the location of every story file in . They've been broken up into the 'points of no return', which are the points in the story when you can no longer collect the previous files.

  • File #1. Email From Mia: This email can be found in your files at any time. It must be examined at least once for the game to consider it 'collected'.
  • File #2. List Of Names (Front): In the guest house B1, on a table near a wall covered in pictures, next to the bolt cutters needed to free Mia.
  • File #3. List Of Names (Back): This is a two-for-one, simply flip around the list of names and you'll find file number 3.

WARNING: Freeing Mia With The Bolt Cutters Will Cut Off Access To Notes #2 and #3

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]
  • File #4. Home-improvement Store Receipt: On the first floor of the house, near the dining room where the 'dinner' scene takes place. You'll find the receipt pinned to the notice board that's near the kitchen.
  • File #5. Newspaper Article – Missing People: In the living room on the first floor of the house, you'll find the newspaper on the coffee table.
  • File #6. Newspaper Article – Over 20 Missing: On the first floor of the house in the main hall, you'll find this newspaper on a table near the projector room puzzle.
  • File #7. Jack’s Journal: On the second floor of the house, inside the rec room, you'll find Jack's Journal stashed behind the bar inside a drawer.
  • File #8. Jack’s Memo: In the same room as Jack's Journal, you'll find his memo on a semicircular table opposite the entrance to the room. It's next to an Antique Coin and a Mr. Everywhere statue.
  • File #9. Travis’ Memo (Front): On the first floor of the house, inside the safe-room by the entrance to the basement, you'll find it inside a drawer below an old record player.
  • File #10. Travis’ Memo (Back): Flip Travis' Memo around to read the back and collect this two-in-one file.
  • File #11. Incinerator Room Memo: In the basement of the house, inside the Incinerator room, posted above a sink.
  • File #12. Memo About Relief: Once you complete the Scorpion Door puzzle you'll get access to Grandma's Room on the second floor of the house. Inside this room is a cracked vanity mirror with the file in front of it.
  • File #13. Doctor’s Letter: In the same room as File #12, to the right of the entrance doorway, in the top drawer of a cabinet near the bed.
  • File #14. Zoe’s Investigation Notes: Once you get access to the yard and the trailer safe room out there, you'll find this file pinned to a board next to the refrigerator in the trailer.
  • File #15. Marguerite’s Warning: Next to the Crow Key door in the West Wing on the second floor of the house, you'll find this note pinned to the wall.
  • File #16. Serum Documentation: Once you get access to the room behind the crow key door, you'll find this file on the altar.
  • File #17. Marguerite’s Notebook: Just up a few stairs from file #16, you'll find a little room with a table between a chair and piano, the file is on the table.
  • File #18. Memo On Deputy’s Head: After you receive your first call from Lucas, return to the trailer Safe Room in the yard and look in the fridge. Turn the severed head around to find the memo pinned to the back of his skull.
  • File #19. Lucas’ Journal: Once you open the snake emblem door and gain access to the kids' room, you'll find the journal on a desk on the left side of the room.
  • File #20. Torn Page From Journal: In the same room as Lucas' journal, in front of a cracked vanity mirror by the entrance to the attic, you'll find the torn page next to some make-up.
  • File #21. Clock Memo: Next to the Clock Puzzle, this memo is pinned to an antique globe.
  • File #22. Memo On Burnt Corpse: In the testing area on the second floor of the house, there's a horribly burnt corpse with a note pinned to its chest.

WARNING: Once You Leave The Boathouse, You Will No Longer Be Able To Collect Files #4-#22

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]
  • File #23. Jim's Letter: On the first floor of the wrecked ship, inside the bunk room. Jim's letter will be sitting on the bottom bunk-bed in the rear left corner.
  • File #24. Giovanni's Will: In the small storage room connected to the bunk room where you found #23. The file is sitting on a white folding table next to a yellow plastic crate.
  • File #25. Mechanic’s Memo: Through the hole in the elevator shaft doors on the first floor, inside the elevator shaft, this note is pinned to the side of the elevator's broken fusebox. Note that if the elevator moves and you haven't collected the note, the note will move with it to a different floor.
  • File #26. Orders: On the second floor of the wrecked ship, in the guest room. The Orders are on the same desk as the VHS tape.
  • File #27. Tattered Secret Document: Located on the third floor of the building, in the elevator lobby between Security and the Control Room. You'll find the document inside an attache case near where your buddy died.

WARNING: Files #22-#27 Can Only Be Collected When Playing As Mia.

[Credit: Capcom]
[Credit: Capcom]
  • File #28. E-mail Log : Inside the salt mine, there's a set of stairs to the right of the cart tracks. Follow the stairs up, through the door, you'll find a room full of covered bath tubs. The E-mail Log is on a laptop by a bright yellow bucket.
  • File #29. Infection Report: After collecting File #28, continue through the next door and look on top of the cabinet directly in front of you.
  • File #30. E-Necrotoxin Document: Almost impossible to miss, when you make the E-Necrotoxin sample, this file is in an attache case on top of the machine you use.
  • File #31. R&D Report #1: Just behind the attache case where #30 is located. On the desk near a portable animal kennel.
  • File #32. R&D Report #2: Go up the stairs past the E-Toxin machine, the file is on a desk to the right, near a large desk lamp that shines directly on it.

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