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It's the must have gadget that everyone is talking about but it may seem that the Switch is already running into technical difficulties. We were all wowed with Nintendo's new console and its ability to become portable on the fly, but this may be causing issues to the speed of the console itself.

Eurogamer, citing several unnamed sources, has suggested that the main selling point behind the Switch may actually be the consoles downfall.

You May Want To Keep It Docked

Throughout Nintendo's history, the company has prided themselves on giving their audience something different to the competition. Whether it be switching from the arcade to home consoles, sticking with cartridges when disks became popular, creating mini disks for use on the Gamecube, utilizing motion control with the Wii, or the duel screen capabilities of the Wii U, knows how to give their hardware that extra kick of uniqueness. But uniqueness can sometimes cause a downfall.

With the Switch, the ability to take your console almost anywhere is the main selling point. But will that selling point become detrimental due to the capability of the hardware? Quite possibly so if we are to believe Eurogamer.

Speed Is Key

The speed is the main issue, and reports indicate it's going to be greatly affected by undocking your console. Is this a bad thing? The actual controllers and hardware will still run perfectly fine, its the speed that the console runs at that'll take a hit.

The specs show just how much of a difference there will be between the docked and undocked consoles:

Switch docked/undocked - Undocked (1020 MHz) Docked (1020 MHz)

Available CPU Speeds - Undocked (307.2 MHz) Docked (307.2 / 768 MHz)

Available GPU Speeds - Undocked (1331/1600 MHz) Docked (1331/1600 MHz)

(Provided by Digital Foundry)

So as we can see, the only thing that is really altered is the CPU speeds. From these readings we can see that the Switch's CPU speed is nearly at half it's capability when it's undocked. The cooling grills that are placed on top of the console may aid the Switch from overheating and could aid the running speed of the console. A docked Nintendo Switch will have 2.5 times the power of an undocked one. But the positive is that the consoles battery life seems to be very durable, which is a huge move in the right direction as it has been a long sanding worry since the console was announced. So despite the Switch running slightly slower when undocked, we would not suggest getting too worried about the console.


Will you be purchasing the Nintendo Switch?


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