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, the developers of the super challenging iOS game , have started releasing information and teasers for the sequel .

Unlonely seems to be a game in a similar style, also for iOS, but this time with a different metaphor.

In Lonely Sun, you got to guide newly formed planets through challenging levels full of obstacles. These obstacles would easily destroy the planet you were guiding and there were no checkpoints for you to fall back on. This game is not meant to be easy, as it was imagined as a metaphor for life.

You feel like you have accomplished a lot when you overcome the challenging levels and create a well-formed planet. Life is full of complications, obstacles, and challenges. How you overcome and deal with these aspects of life shape who you are — as well as your planet in the game.

Unlonely, much like the game that came before it, also has meaning behind it. This time, Rinikulous Games is looking to say "thank you" to the gaming websites that have brought light and attention to the previous game.

The planets in the game represent the reviewing sites that have covered Lonely Sun and they match that website's color scheme. The sun represents the goal these websites share — bringing light to indie games. Building planets sounds like it will still be challenging, just like building an audience and maintaining a presence in the gaming community.

This whole idea of giving back to the reviewing sites that have spent time on covering and publicizing your game is a really lovely thought. This entire game is being described as one big thank you.

Inserting different websites (all with different styles and logos) into a game can sometimes look off or out of place. Rinikulous Games easily combats that by making each website a planet, and using the colors of the website to influence the design; it really makes everything look like it belongs. So far, the pictures released of these planets have looked amazing and I can’t wait to see more of how these reviewing websites will be included in the game.

The idea that Rinikulous Games have such meaning tucked away behind its challenging games brings a smile to my face.


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