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For horror fans of a certain age, Konami's Silent Hill series will forever rule as the dark lord of video game terror. I know at least that in my early teens, when the first few installments were released, Silent Hill's deep psychological horror inspirations and focus on survival over combat managed to both fascinate and frighten in a way that Resident Evil could never quite manage on the same level. The Silent Hill games inspired and informed successive horror creators, but despite the success of the series spinning off into film and even real life horror attractions, Konami has lately let Silent Hill lie fallow since 2012's Silent Hill: Downpour. Fans and critics alike were excited by P.T., a playable teaser for a prospective Silent Hills game in 2014, but the final product never emerged.

Still, like many horror fans, I was hungry for more Silent Hill, so when game historians PtoPOnline have obtained footage of a lost chapter in the terrifying town's history, I just had to check it out.

Check Out Gameplay Footage of the Lost Silent Hill Game Below:

The footage comes from a 2006 pitch to Konami by Climax Studios Los Angeles. It was intended as a PS3 exclusive title and was later reworked into an episodic series. The pitch gives an idea of the atmosphere and shows off some exploration, combat, puzzle solving, leading up to a tense climax.

Clearly more badass than your average El Paso Padre
Clearly more badass than your average El Paso Padre

A Lost Chapter of a Classic Horror Story

The protagonist is Father Hector Santos, a priest who leaves El Paso, Texas for a town in Coyote Flats, Arizona. It seems that Alessa, a major character from the first installment, is now influencing areas away from Silent Hill with her powers, spreading corruption throughout the American South-West and breaking down the boundaries of space and time, manifesting in the appearance of distorted buildings from various points in the cursed town's history shifting onto the present or literally bursting forth from the Earth like architectural zombies.

A church from Silent Hill emerges from the ground, but our priest can't get comfortable there
A church from Silent Hill emerges from the ground, but our priest can't get comfortable there

The Wrath of God

Father Santos's calling as a man of the cloth would have had an effect on gameplay, with him able to use holy water and rituals to purify the corruption of Silent Hill. After purifying an area, he would have been able to bring in his trusty pickup truck and drive around, although classic enemies (including fan favorites such as demon nurses and pyramid head) would have still stood in his way. Sadly Konami rejected the pitch twice, both as a PS3 exclusive and an episodic series for other platforms.

I can't help but think we might have lost out on a cracking horror game here, but watch the video and decide for yourselves. Was Konami right to bring Pyramid Head's cleaver down onto Silent Hill PS3? Or should they have given Climax a chance?


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