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One of the more surprising hits of 2015 —a year jammed with some incredible games— was a little horror title called Until Dawn. A game that channelled the 80s slasher films of yore, this PS4 exclusive managed to include every conceivable horror cliche; from the promiscuous ill-fated teens to the pathetically stupid protagonists (seriously though, why are you going in there, Ashley?).

In saying that, Until Dawn was chock full of great new ideas, and it seems the developers aren't about to run out of them.

Ready At Dawn has been hard at work developing a spinoff game for PlayStation VR which will bring players closer to the horror of Until Dawn than ever before. Seriously, that shit is right in front of your face. And in case you were wondering; yes, it looks terrifying.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood: The Heart Attack Enduser

With this and the most violent Resident Evil game ever on the horizon, we have plenty of scares in store!

For anyone who's messed around with a VR headset, you'll know how intense it feels when you're completely immersed in the world of a video game. Which is why I'll be avoiding Rush of Blood like the plague. An on-rails horror shooter where you find yourself plastered to a roller coaster as you navigate the deranged mind of one of Until Dawn's characters? Ehh, I think I'll be fine thanks! You lot can play it and tell me how it is. M'kay? M'kay.

What Kind of Horror Gamer Are You?

According to the producer of Rush of Blood, there are three kind of archetypal reactions that gamers have to a horror experience. I'm interested to hear which one you think you are.

  • The screamer - Self-explanatory. The kind of gamer that screams, flails and waves the controller at the screen crying, "Get away from me!"
  • The swearer - The kind of person who lambasts the game for catching them out. You think you're under control and suddenly something jumps at the screen and you leap into the air forcing out a loud, "You son of a b&%$!!!"
  • The Too-Cooler - The kind of person that just sits there, has no reaction to any of the jumps and then remarks, "Cool" once the headset comes off. I know you're panicking on the inside!!

I'm 150% the swearer. The Alien in Alien: Isolation was verbally abused like no other throughout my time with that beautiful game. Seriously, don't jump up on me. I'm liable to verbally tear you asunder in a matter of seconds.

Are you gonna play Until Dawn: Rush of Blood?


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