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We're all familiar with Kickstarter, and chances are that if you're an indie game fan, you've supported one in the past. But now there are a huge number of games constantly being added to Kickstarter each and every month; it's hard to keep track! To help with that, I've picked out a few games that caught my eye this month.

March is almost over, so jump in and support these games as quickly as you can!

My Child Lebensbo

is a touching, nurturing story based game that has you trying to take care of a child you adopted. You don't have a ton of money with which to take care of this child, but you do have a heart full of love and the ability to try and make a difference in their life.

The game takes place in a small town in Norway, in 1951. The town is recovering from the war, so there is a lot of tension when it comes to Nazis. Your child perhaps seems like they have a very simple life, one of school, playing at home, and relying on you to take care of them. However, this child does struggle with the aftermath of the war.

You must try to keep their spirits up, ensuring that they are happy and can thrive. If you say the wrong thing, or you don’t care for your child emotionally, it will change how they act and how much they thrive. My Child Lebensborn is a very well thought out game, showing the effects of war on the generations after the fight is fought.


is a combination of retro and futuristic mashed with pixel graphics and mystery. In this game, you play Narita Boy, a digital hero on a quest through many kingdoms in different dimensions. You have only the Techno Sword as your weapon, with which you battle through various dimensions and save the kingdom. This sword is made of the substance Trichroma, a type of energy made by three rays of color.

This energy is coveted by all, and you must attempt to stop the wrong people from getting to its power. Only half the world is affected by this energy, the other half lives in darkness and is full of monsters. There are many different types of environments, monsters, and adventures to be had in this 80s inspired game.

Narita Boy only has a few more days to make its goal on Kickstarter, so if you are up for this adventure, take a look at backing the game!


is not only a creative mobile game, but it is also a physical toy that you can mix and match parts that you can use to play in the game. SwapBots are physical, LEGO-esque toys that you can mix and match to create your own characters. These characters have three pieces to each one — a head, body, and feet. Once you have created the character you like, you can put them into the game!

Just by pointing your phone or tablet at the toy, with the app running, you can watch your character come to life. It will animate and be ready to take on mini-games, explore customizable worlds, and look pretty awesome. This toy is primarily aimed at children, but adults who enjoy collectable toys might also enjoy this unique game.

SwapBots is an amazing use of AR to take physical games into the digital realm!

Who We Are

is a queer, post-apocalyptic visual novel that gives you the task of exploring the world 10 years after a nuclear disaster. After such a big event, with the world nearly ending, you are trying to figure out exactly what your place in the world is.

You are going back to a place called Home to interact with people and figure out what kind of life you want to carve out of in this post-apocalyptic world. Many of the other characters have the same wonders, issues, and wants as you do. Finding these people makes you desire love and acceptance, but will your love last in an uncertain world?

Who We Are Now has a very diverse, well developed cast that will not feel flat to the player. You will get to explore the possibilities of dating several different queer characters who have all been affected by the near-end of the world. See how society starts to rebuild in this game.

Project Remedium

has you going on a journey through the human organism to heal and discover illness. You control Nano+ bots that are able to go through the human body, fixing health issues and learning about the inner workings of humans. You can cut through tissues and discover secrets inside the body, all the while learning more about how to help people.

You also get to fight off bad pathogens, mutated organisms, and growths (as well as bad nanobots) by shooting them to death! You get two different adaptive and modifiable weapons, so destroying the undesirables should be a breeze. Destroying enemies inside the human body as a small robot is a very interesting concept and an adventure to take on!

Project Remedium is a very unique game, allowing you to go inside the human body and fight off bad things. This game seems super well made thus far and totally worth a look.

Oniri Island

is another game that combines physical toys with gameplay. In this game, the toys come in the form of two dolls, Mina and Tim. Mina and Tim are twins who are stranded on a mysterious island. Each of these dolls are controllers to this 2 player, co-op game. You must place them on the screen of a tablet and move them around to control the player on the screen. There are also masks that can be added to the dolls, changing what they do in game.

The masks come in the form of animals like sharks and falcons. These animals allow you to explore the lands in a different way, though only one of the twins can be a single animal at a time. These animal masks will help you fulfill quests on the island, and ultimately, find your shadows so you can escape and return home.

Oniri Island is another clever concept, combining these physical toys as controllers in a very beautiful little game!

Have you seen a wonderful game on Kickstarter lately? Tell us about it in the comments!


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