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Games are capable of being a lot of different things; a form of escape, a coping mechanism and sometimes they just force us to make heart-wrenching decisions. Perhaps that's why we've become accustomed to dealing with complex themes and perhaps sometimes not even noticing them.

Dialogue 3-D wants to make sure this doesn't happen. It's a little more in-your-face with its political commentary, asking a few simple questions that essentially boil down to "Is violence against fascists the right answer?"

Video Game Question Time: Is It Okay To Shoot A Nazi?

If you're playing Dialogue 3-D, a mod made by Ramsey Nasser, a Tennessee native with Lebanese citizenship, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. The game is based on id Software's open source HTML port of Wolfenstein and there's no option to reason with the Nazis in this game. If you shoot, a little window comes up which asks you whether you'd like to continue and whether it's "ok to shoot a Nazi?" Selecting the non-violent option will only result in giving said nazi a longer window to shoot and ultimately kill you.

This is most likely a unique take on an event that unfolded after Trump's presidential inauguration, where a masked assailant threw a punch at a neo-Nazi who was being interviewed on camera. Everyone was talking about the clip, debating the ethics surrounding it and—as it went completely and utterly viral—making memes and gifs.

Video games have an extensive history with Nazis, partly because of their status as a universal evil, meaning they make for fantastic antagonists in games. Allowing players to cut them down in swathes, without the slightest feeling of remorse or unease was a winner for the likes of id Software! And I suppose Dialogue 3-D is harkening back to those days. Has much changed since? Should we be debating whether punching Nazis is bad? Should we really be wondering if shooting them in games is okay?

Regardless of what we think, there will always be ample opportunities to enjoy some good ole' fashioned Nazi killing—which is perfectly okay. In this context, I mean:


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