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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Tis the time of the year where the living shall become entwined with the dead. Strange garments shall be adorned upon the flesh, and petrifying potions ingested causing a spread of wild laughter and mild panic. Yes it's , everybody, and with this, the greatest holiday of the year, comes a multitude of freaky goings on around the towns and neighborhoods of our cities.

As a gamer, there's no better time to display your love of your favorite game franchises and characters than kitting yourselves out in the colors of your pixelated heroes and carving incredible fan-art out of the sweet meat of our hallowed pumpkins.

That's what I bring to you today, gamer. A spooky selection of some of the finest video game themed pumpkin carvings. And believe me, they are freaky and really rather cool! So come have a look at-

11 Super Spooky Video Game Themed Pumpkins

I hope you're sitting comfortably...

This pumpkin's final form is legendary

by PineappleBuns

Must've taken some work to Exeggute this design...

by Ultra_Lobster

General, another pumpkin needs your help

Here's a Crash course in making incredible Aku Aku homages

by rorolol

This light will surely guide Little Sister home

by CousticHippy

The Golden Goddesses would be proud of this creation

by ceemdee

Meta Knight shines so bright

by johwee

My body wasn't ready for this...

by JT Pumpkins

This Ico carving is simply incredible...

by ceemdee

This makes me want to Rapidash out my carving attempts and never try again

Zekrom and Reshidaayum these legendary carvings are dope!

by johwee

Show us your pumpkin carvings!


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