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Damn you, FamilyJules7x! You talented bastard, you...

This YouTube guitarist, who has played plenty of gaming music in the past, has taken things to a whole new level by managing to cram 50 video game themes into a 2 minute segment. It was too impressive not to share.

HOWEVER! I though it'd be fun for those of you that can avert your eyes to try a little game. Though the guitarist smashes some very metal and distorted versions of these pieces out, do you think you could name any of these soundtracks without looking? Try your best. If not, see how many of the games you've actually played!

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50 Gaming Soundtracks In Under Two Minutes: Hell Yeah!

I salute you, sir. I salute you so much.

For those who are interested here are all of the games I've played on this list and what I thought of them in five words or less. Would you like to do the same?

  • 1. Pac-Man: Features best jaundiced game protagonist.
  • 2. Kingdom Hearts: Disney plus Japan equals tears.
  • 3. Spyro the Dragon: Fiery nostalgia simulator.
  • 4. Max Payne: Angry man fun to play.
  • 5. Guild Wars 2: Will never leave starting area.
  • 6. Chrono Trigger: Best JRPG since Chrono Trigger.
  • 7. Pokémon: Never enough balls.
  • 8. Crash Bandicoot: Best unknown animal simulator.
  • 9. Half-Life 2: Not as good as 3.
  • 10. Mass Effect: Shh, Garrus is talking.
  • 11. DOOM: Hella hot down here.
  • 12. Goldeneye 007: Can't control shit.
  • 13. Brain Age: I'm 62?!?!
  • 14. Halo: Worst Flood simulator.
  • 15. Dark Souls: I love dying...
  • 16. Nintendogs: I played too much of you.
  • 17. Super Smash Bros.: Why am I so shit?!
  • 18. Portal: Pure perfection: lite.
  • 19. Starcraft: Again, why am I shit?!
  • 20. Medal of Honor: Sigh.
  • 21. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater: End of my skating career.
  • 22. Animal Crossing: Hole in life creator.
  • 23. Diablo: Can't stop. Won't stop.
  • 24. Resident Evil: Good game, bad voice acting.
  • 25. Battlefield 1942: Graphics melted my eyes.
  • 26. Tetris: Best Russian export after vodka.
  • 27. The Sims: Make virtual friends, kill them.
  • 28. Metal Gear Solid: Best game. Period.
  • 29. Mario: It's alright.

How many have you played?!

Source: [Kotaku]


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