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It's Valentine's Day today! And that, of course, means one of our favorite parts of the holiday: there's plenty of adorable Valentines floating around across the internet to send to loved ones. In particular, there's quite a handful of gaming Valentines out there.

Some of the Valentines on the Net are really cute, others are hilarious, but all the same we can't help but share them. So here's six we highly recommend you send to your significant other: especially if you're about to have a Valentine's Day gaming session together.

'Overwatch's Official Valentines

Blizzard is handing out a ton of Valentines on Twitter today for anyone who replies or retweets their official "Happy Valentine's Day" post, and we're loving the Overwatch designs available. Of particular note? Everyone from Reinhardt to Bastion to Sombra is part of their Valentine's Day special. Suffice to say, we're in love with these adorable renditions of some of our favorite characters. See if you can spot your main in the Twitter thread above!

'Shovel Knight' Valentine

Character designer and game animator @Biovyx created this adorable shoutout to Specter Knight from Shovel Knight. Specter, of course, is known for being a cruel and cunning knight that serves the Enchantress. So seeing him reduced to an adorable lovesick boy crushing on his Valentine is, well, adorable.

Our favorite part? Shovel Knight's developer, Yacht Club Games, loves the Valentine as well. Now that's some solid fan art appreciation.

'Portal' Valentine

The Companion Cube is a classic Portal joke. But the Companion Cube can also be a symbol of affection or friendship. Case in point: this Valentine turned the cube into an adorable Valentine's Day sentiment. Our favorite part? The card was designed by a Valentine for her boyfriend. You can feel the love and care inside of it. One of our favorites, for sure.


We're already in love with Blizzard's official Valentine's Day promo. But what about fan art? There's plenty of that too, especially when it comes to Pharmercy.

Our favorite lesbian ship from Overwatch has a Valentines of its own this year, with Mercy and Pharah spending some quality time together celebrating the day. Now if only Blizzard would make the pairing canon; wouldn't that be a true Valentine's Day gift, huh?

A MadCatz Valentine

Valentine's Day isn't everyone's cup of tea. Courtesy of /r/gaming for this one, this Valentine joke is for those of you who like a little bit of dark humor on Valentine's. At least, that's exactly why we love this MadCatz controller Valentine's joke. Seriously, who can fondly look back on a MadCatz controller? Very few of us. But hey, they are neat to look at all the same, and there's some nostalgia at play with MadCatz, so in the end using one isn't such a bad experience.

'Undertale' Valentine

Yet another one from /r/gaming. Just because it's Valentine's Day doesn't mean your Valentine has to be gushy or cute. Sometimes the best Valentine is the funniest one.

This gag gift, referencing the "Legendary Artifact" from the game, captures the humor of Undertale very well. In fact, it reminds us why we liked the original game in the first place: its witty, unpredictable humor through storytelling mechanics that engage the player. A nicely done Valentine's joke overall, for sure.

Those are some of our top Valentines for the day today. As the holiday draws to a close, remember to play responsibly -- oh, and feel free to share with us if you have a Valentine of your own that you enjoyed reading, playing, or making.

What's your favorite video game Valentine? Share yours in the comments below!


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