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What can video games teach us about real life? There's this attitude that the average gamer is a shut-in ignoramus, an escapist that doesn't know anything about how the real world works. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, video games have been dropping indispensable nuggets of great advice into our brains for years.

Now, a noble project aims to accumulate the all the video game truth bombs into one mind-blowing font of wisdom. Twitter account Video Game Advisor posts nothing but sage advice from video games, and it's quite an education. There's a scrap of wisdom for just about every occasion.

Here's a of some of my favorite times video games gave us true words to live by:

1. On Coming Of Age

Video game protagonists can start their adventure at quite a young age, but that's ok? Car Battler Joe posits sixteen as the sweet spot to become the hero of your own story.

2. On Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Legend of Mana reminds us not be be afraid of challenging ourselves. Adventure's an inevitable part of life and we should have a positive attitude towards it!

3. On Staying In Your Comfort Zone

For the less adventurous, maybe getting out there and growing just isn't for you. Mega Man Battle Network 2 thinks you're just fine staying where you are.

4. On Leisure Time

Elle from Terranigma offers a good perspective on the importance of rest and relaxation. Maybe real happiness comes when we can just, you know, chill out.

5. On Hedonism And Friendship

Clarisse from Granblue Fantasy makes a good case for hedonism. She does look like she'd be really fun at parties.

6. On Cleanliness

This guy from Mother 3 believes that they way we take care of our homes reveals something about ourselves. And he's got a point.

7. On Keeping An Open Mind

Sexy adventure game Ladykiller In A Bind aims to get us hot and heavy, but it also has some solid advice to open minds as well as legs.

8. On Thinking For Oneself

Play too many video games where you accept quest after quest after quest and it's easy to become far too trusting of people. In Breath of the Wild, Link gets a wise warning.

9. On How To Pick Up Girls

Breath of the Wild continues to drop some truths, this time about dating. A man who knows how to handle a horse shows responsibility, empathy, and athleticism. And knows how to get his leg over, too.

10. On Men's Fashion

Tokyo Beat Down's aptly named Guy with Many Opinions isn't afraid to share the thoughts that made his reputation. Apparently facial hair is the key to looking tough. What about all those guys I beat up on the street?

11. On Girl Power

Mai from The King of Fighters may have been designed to be ogled, but she's no passive object. Here she is fronting a team of female fighters in varied attire, showing that women can kick ass in whatever clothes they want to.

12. On Dieting

Another one from the King of Fighters franchise, Leona is pretty no-nonsense when it comes to nutrition. Maybe we should all lay off the roasted lobster once in a while.

13. On Punctuality

Fairy companion Tatl really annoyed some players with her interjections, but you can't argue that some of her advice is great. Not just for Link, but for ourselves.

14. On Existentialism

The greatest philosophical minds have grappled with extreme angst over the meaning of life after Nietzsche declared 'God is Dead'. Harvest Moon isn't afraid to gaze into the abyss.

15. On Vulnerability

Breath of the Wild is just full of real talk, people.

16. On Generational Conflict

Killer 7 has some strong words for the generation that a lot of think pieces are blaming for today's economic problems. Too harsh?

17. On Facing Up To Your Problems

Animal Crossing's Mr. Resetti digs a little too deep here, and unearths a nugget of wisdom about how blind people can be to unpleasant truths in their own lives.

18. On Location

All this wisdom is getting pretty heavy, where best to contemplate it? The Silver Case recommends a good spot to think.

19. On Economics

Anyone who plays RPGs has had a few questions to raise about their bizarre economy. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky warns us not to be too greedy, and consider the impact of flooding the local market with priceless treasures.

20. On Masculinity

It's ok dude. It's ok to (far) cry. We can talk about it.

Bonus: Who Knew Sonic Could Get So Philosophical?

Sonic never had much of a voice in the classic games, you had to look into the manuals to get a glimpse of what went on in the hedgehog's mind apart from running fast and looking radical. And it's surprisingly deep. Who'd have thought our blue boy would be such a fan of JFK?

Words To Live By

There's a lot we can lean from video games if we just stay awhile and listen. Is there any particular games or specific characters that have inspired you? You should definitely head over to the VGAdvisor Twitter and share it with the world. The more you know!

What's the best advice video games have ever given you?

(Source: VGAdvisor)


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