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Google handles more than two trillion search queries each year, and Wednesday they revealed which terms dominated the search engine in 2016.

For the first time, a video climbed to the first position of Google's most popular searches (unless consider Chatroulette as some kind of bizarre game. It was at the top of the list in 2010).

2016's Most Popular Google Search? Pokemon GO

Pokémon Go is the most Googled phrase in 2016, and whether you like the game or not, the fact that it is number one has to bring you some peace and maybe even make you a tad proud. It's a video game, and people on Google have shown more interest in it than Apple's iPhone 7, President Elect Donald Trump and the late rock star Prince.

Besides , is the 9th most googled search term. If you're not familiar with it, is a huge multiplayer browser game where you have to eat pellets and grow the server's largest snake-creature. It's like a combination of the also highly Googled and old school arcade game Snake.

Check Out The Top 10

1. Pokémon Go

2. iPhone 7

3. Donald Trump

4. Prince

5. Powerball

6. David Bowie

7. Deadpool

8. Olympics


10. Suicide Squad

Dive into more statistics about the list via Google Trends

Pokemon Peaked In The Summer

The hype peaked in July and August. [Credit: Google]
The hype peaked in July and August. [Credit: Google]

Pokémon Go's popularity has been steadily declining since the game was released on July 6. The graph begins to dip right after release in the US and New Zealand, but rises again when the game reaches Japan and Southeast Asia.

Pokémon Go had us all baffled and very confused for a couple of weeks.
Pokémon Go had us all baffled and very confused for a couple of weeks.

Though from there on, it has just been downhill for Pokémon Go, and the new update which implements only seven new Pokémon is probably not going to change that. So if the game wants to stay in Google's top ten next year, Niantic is going to have to make some significant changes.

It's of little matter anyway. The most important thing is that a video game was the most Googled thing in the world during 2016. Which just goes to show how far games have come, and how great of a concept Pokémon Go was.

What did you google in 2016? And what do you think will top the list next year?


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