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Love them or hate them, quick time events (scripted moments that demand the player to hit a certain button within a time limit) have remained a contentious subject in the industry for quite a while now, and I'm about to show you why.

The debate surrounding their legitimate place in games was recently re-ignited by the latest example of a 'push-button-to-engage-with-emotionally-clawing-scene' in this year's Call of Duty release, . The scene in question takes place near the end of the game, and asks you to tend to a dying soldier's wounds by—how else?—holding some buttons.

It's reminiscent of Advanced Warfare's infamous 'Press X to pay respects' moment, when your character attends a military funeral for his squad mate who was just killed in action. You stand by the coffin as your companions grieve, memorial music swells in the background, and then—HUH?! Hold X to remember my dead friend?!

Thanks to this hilariously incongruous button prompt, the scene goes from touching to laughable quicker than it takes to reload.

Whatever your opinion on them, quick time events aren't going anywhere any time soon. So while they're still here, let's take the chance to celebrate the charming absurdity of video games by bringing you the most bizarre button prompts ever!

Press △ to Win at Life - Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

The flight combat sim Assault Horizon ties up its story in wonderfully cheesy fashion, and includes perhaps one of my favorite quick time events of all time.

After scrambling for missile lock on endless enemy fighter jets, the player finally returns home to a wave of adoring fans. Stepping onto the runway and removing your helmet, you take a chance to look down at your hand, contemplate your achievement for a moment, and...BOOM! Fistpump!

Nothing says victory like a triumphantly raised appendage.

Press E to Enter a Mass Grave - Homefront

Homefront was never the most subtle game in the world, as this scene effectively demonstrates. The first person shooter calls on the player to defend the United States from a North Korean invasion. As you and your squad attempt to evade enemy forces, you find yourself forced to hide in an open grave, triggering one of the most absurd instructions ever relayed by a video game - 'Press E to jump in mass grave'

Although the moment is supposed to be poignant, it just comes off as humorously heavy handed. I could just picture the developers practically grabbing me by the shoulders, shaking me vigorously and shouting 'feel sad at this moment dammit!'

Press A to Stare Into Coffee - Deadly Premonition

The renowned surrealist Japanese developer Hidetaka "Swery" Suehiro released Deadley Premonition in 2010, granting gamers another amazingly bizarre QTE.

In true Twin Peaks fashion, detective Francis York Morgan arrives in a uniquely strange country town where nothing much makes sense, least of all this...

Yep, you must look into your fresh cup of joe before the timer runs out. The weird part? The coffee speaks to you! Check out the full scene below:

Press O to Vault Over Your Dead Niece's Grave - Watchdogs

Ubisoft's open world game Watchdogs allowed players to hack into the network of virtual Chicago using the cyber-terrorist skills of protagonist Aiden Pearce.

Aiden didn't, however, seem to have much respect for the dead, as the game let you literally dance over your deceased niece's headstone.

I guess that's one way of paying your respects.

Press X to Sleep With Aphrodite - God of War 3 (NSFW)

In the God of War series the eponymous Kratos has a lot to be angry about. After his family have been murdered, he's betrayed by the Gods and is sentenced to a life of servitude. Luckily, he does get a little downtime with Aphrodite...

In what might be the world's simplest pulling technique, Kratos manages to bed the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexuality with a few timed button prompts.

Don't Press X to Reject Leonardo Da Vinci's Hug - Assassin's Creed 2

Assassin's Creed 2 sees the player-controlled Ezio hopping over rooftops in beautiful Renaissance Italy. Ezio is even lucky enough to run into legendary Florentine, Leonardo Da Vinci, who takes quite a liking to the player.

Offering a bit of Renaissance bromance, the painter goes in for a solid man-hug, but if the player isn't quick enough on the controller it's possible to fail the embrace, much to his dismay.

Way to leave Da Vinci hanging, bro.

There we have it - some of the weirdest, yet hilarious button prompts in gaming. If you have any similarly bizarre examples of your own then tell us in the comments!

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