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If you've been gaming for a few years you probably feel pretty confident about your own abilities within a virtual space, right? Well what if we took you out of that comfort zone and dropped you into your favorite video game genre IRL? How long do you think you'd last? The answer: You'd die. Horribly and fast. Let's see how fast.

Gaming In Real Life Sounds Painful

No, Mr. Video Game!! DOOOON'T!!!
No, Mr. Video Game!! DOOOON'T!!!

Fighting Game

Scorpio stands across from you. The countdown begins. You're trapped in a 2D space with a guy that's gyrating with anticipation for that "FIGHT!" and then this happens...

Time lasted: 1 second.


Okay, you've dabbled with the FPS genre. You know how this stuff works. Just take cover behind a conveniently placed wall, wait for the enemy to stop firing, then pop your head round a...

Time lasted: 10 seconds.


Wow, this place is beautiful! Such lush valleys and blue skies. Look at those distant mountains: can't wait to explore them. Okay, the tutorial is done, I've got my sword, little bit of a magic and a damn nice shield. Hmmm... wonder what's in this cave...AHHHHHHHHH!!!

Time Lasted: 1-2 hours.


You're a foot soldier. You're one unit in this perfect rectangle and you've just been highlighted. You trudge across the battlefield, tasked with taking out a small garrison of weird alien thingies. You actually win! This ain't too baahhhhhh shit it's Kerrigan...

Time Lasted: 15 minutes.


Strength in numbers, right? Now you have tons of people around you, all of your mates are completing the same quests, there's magic flying in every conceivable direction and you're leveling up like an absolute badass. What's this? Why is everything in this area level 20?! *gasps* I've left the starting zone...

Time lasted: 2-3 hours.


Perfect start, nice long stretch of road. Hmm, the world seems to want me to slow down on this corner. BAH, I'll just use the car in front of me as a cushion...

Times flipped: 10. Time to retire.


Time lasted: 2 minutes before you fall down a hole.

Action Adventure

You've infiltrated the base. Pressed up against a wall your mini-map is alerting you to the vision cones of your enemies. Now all you have to do is avoid them!


Time lasted: 20 minutes.

Survival Simulator

Wow! I've made a camp, got myself a little hut, some electricity going, a handy axe; I can dig this survival business.


Time lasted: Till nightfall.

Farming Simulator

Time Lasted: 80+ years of sheer joy and vegetables.

How long do you think you'd last in your favorite video game?


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