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Ever want to have pets but don’t have the time or space to keep them? Maybe there is nothing exciting enough for you, or, perhaps they are just not different enough from common house pets.

Well, the world of virtual pets created by indie game developers has you covered with a variety of cute, and fun to take care of pets that you can leave and come back to whenever you want.


allows you to not only take care of a little human pet, but also the human’s pet cat! At first, you just start off with a little human named Bob. Bob is a pretty normal human.

He has a large, spacious home filled with everything we could need. Sometimes he stares at you and contemplates — other times he walks around doing various chores or other household activities. Every week he gets paid and pays his bills.

You can even play betting games with Bob — and you have control of his income — so do try to earn more money instead of wasting all of his hard earned cash!

Over time, Bob can acquire a car, which you will then have to make sure he has enough money to feed. Bob doesn’t need much, but he's nice to watch and interact with if left idle on your screen.

Grow Your Own Ghoul Girl

is a simple but adorable clicker game that has you hatching an egg and dressing up a unique ghoul!

Each time you play, you'll be given a new plush-looking egg to click until it hatches. Once it has hatched, it reaches toddler stage. You can name your ghoul at this point. You must continue to click on it, bringing love and joy to this little monster. It will growl and coo in a monster-like fashion until it becomes an adult ghoul.

Once you've your completed ghoul, you can dress it up in a variety of outfits and take pictures of its cuteness! Each one is quite different and yet strangely adorable. This game is currently at an early stage and might be updated to include mini-games and much more.


has you playing the pet, with someone else taking care of you. You’re a monster, and a human has been assigned to take care of you.

Your last caretaker ended up having an untimely demise, which you may or may not have had a hand in... it's hard being a pet monster, relying on humans and an agency to give you the things you need.

Because of this, you can sometimes feel some anger towards your new owner, but you can choose to take the kinder route. At the end of each day, you will see how the day went and be bothered by the thoughts of eating this kind girl.

There are many ways to harm her, and it's up to you if you feed your monstrous needs or continue to fight your natural urges. You're basically her new pet, after all. The developer of Hitogotchi is working on a newer, expanded version of the game as well!

Lil Ghost Garden

is a relaxing, slow-paced game where you can take care of a pet in a little garden. This garden starts off with a few small flowers, which you can pick and replant as your pet self. You're a strange ghost, drifting in this small world. This pet loves planting flowers and chilling in its garden, which you can leave open in the corn of your screen.

There, it will continue to grow and thrive, allowing you to mutate the plants and keep your small pet happy. This game is rounded, so you can walk around the circle of flowers in the light, viewing them and enjoying their presence.


is a fast-paced, Tamagotchi-inspired game for those who don’t want to wait! You're doing all of the cleaning and feeding of your pet with three buttons on the little controller made for the game.

You must build burgers based on the ingredients that you are receiving on the screen — lettuce, tomato, and meat. Once you are happy with the burger, and once the bun appears on the screen, you can pass the food along to your pet.

Sometimes, non-food items appear that can be selected like a toilet, poison and a ball. If you select the poison, it will be added to the burger, and can end up killing off your pet. The toilet will clean up any poop, which slowly kills your pet, as well as the poison or a few ingredients on the burger. The ball just adds some fun to your pet's life, helping it last longer! Everything happens fast in Tamagotoki, so you need to select one of the three things that appear on the screen and hope that the next item will benefit your pet.

Have you ever played a virtual pet game? Do you have any real pets? Let us know in the comments below!


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