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If you know anything about , then you know that the main character, Lincoln Clay, is out to take out the local mob. To achieve that goal he has to enlist the aid of other crime bosses. You may or may not recognize the name of one of the other crime bosses: Vito Scaletta.

Who is Vito? Well, he was the protagonist in the previous entry in the series, . Now over a decade has passed, so Vito is older and presumably wiser. But you may be wondering how the former playable character may have a grudge against the mob.

Vito in Mafia 2 (left) Vito in Mafia 3 (right) [Credit: 2K]
Vito in Mafia 2 (left) Vito in Mafia 3 (right) [Credit: 2K]

It Doesn't Feel Good To Be A Gangster

Vito was an immigrant from Italy who fell in with the wrong crowd upon coming to America. In lieu of jail time, he chose instead to join the Army. After being discharged (due to a friend's mafia connections), he learns that his father has left his mother and sister with a serious debt — and joins the crime organization to pay it off. But life is never easy for Vito, because he is soon jailed for 10 years over selling illegal goods.

In prison Vito becomes a changed man. While he was never exactly a saint, prison hardens him. Violence is always a first option now for Vito. His mother died while he was in prison and his sister wants nothing to do with him — but the life of a gangster will help fill the void, right? Wrong.

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Mafia 2 serves as a complete deconstruction of the "glamorous gangster," and Vito is our eyes into this world. Though he becomes a "made man," and even manages to get a nice house with his money, it all means nothing. His house is burned down in retaliation for his actions in prison. His status as a made man barely matters, as the head honchos treat him like a servant, constantly sending him out on grunt jobs and with little gratitude for his actions.

The Final Straw

Vito is forced to kill a mob boss to stay in another's good graces. The kicker is that Joe, Vito's best friend and the person who got him involved in the life, is also meant to kill Vito. But friendship triumphs; Joe spares his friend. They were thick as thieves in the game and were always there for one another.

However, the offer of good grace is only extended to Vito. The final scene of the game shows the car that Joe traveling in, as it takes a detour to parts unknown. Vito is left wondering as to what fate waits for his best friend. Either way, it is one that is not going to be good.

Catching Up With Vito

[Credit: 2K]
[Credit: 2K]

So now Vito is in Mafia 3. It's easy to see as to why he might join up with Lincoln Clay, given his grudge against the mob. Vito is stuck in the life and looking for a way out from under the thumb that helped ruin his life a decade ago. Lincoln Clay is a man out for revenge; Vito is a man out for revenge. It's easy to see how the two would end up joining forces.


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