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Indie game developer Daniel Linssen a.k.a. Managore is a creative fellow, and his latest creation Walkie Talkie is innovation incarnate. It's basically an online chatroom, where the ASCII text you type evolves into a tiny, playable platform level.

The line of text you've been typing in the aptly named Walkie Talkie transforms into obstacles, lifts, miniature cannons or sharp objects. When you hit Enter, a little, controllable figure spawns and other players in the chatroom have to reach the end of your sentence to complete the level you created.

A Simpler Approach To Video Games

Watch out for that spear-like exclamation mark! [Credit: Managore]
Watch out for that spear-like exclamation mark! [Credit: Managore]

There's a ton of possibilities when it comes to creating different and difficult levels for and it's really fun to have a go at surviving the sentences others have typed. All the while chatting and having a good, sociable time.

Managore made sure the chatroom is always clean and functional. As an example, you can't send out impossible levels, since you have to complete the level yourself before others can have at it, just like Super Mario Maker. Plus, each player can only send a level once every two minutes—so no spam.

Sounds awesome, right? You may not invest hundreds of hours into it, but it's video games like this that reminds us what it is that we're actually looking for when we're playing and how simple it can be to find it.

Random text becomes a horrible platform level of death. [Credit: Managore]
Random text becomes a horrible platform level of death. [Credit: Managore]

Walkie Talkie isn't the first creative project Daniel Linssen has released. Actually, these kinds of games are somewhat his specialty, and he releases new ones frequently. Like Roguelight, a platform game where everything is dark and you navigate with the help of your flaming arrows, or Cognizance, where your character is a tiny, moving cog.

You can try out Walkie Talkie and Managore's other games right here.

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