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Just over two years ago, we stepped into Clementine's shoes and braved a post-apocalyptic suburban wasteland with a few familiar faces and a lot of new ones. There was plenty of blood, sweat, and tears to be shed as the group made their way from the Georgia area to what remained of Ohio.

Telltale has finally announced that the third season of , 'The Walking Dead: A New Frontier', will premiere on December 20th.

The story is set four years after the events of the last season and we know for sure that Clementine will be back. What kinds of things could be going on? We can't be sure about much—there are a lot of things we don't know, but there are a few things about which we can make a pretty educated guess.

Now, where were we?

Kenny or Jane?
Kenny or Jane?

If you chose Kenny in the end of the last season, the three of you (Clementine and AJ included) end up finding a camp and attempting to enter only to be given some supplies and then turned away. If you chose Jane, you returned to Howe's Hardware and met a family that you can choose to leave behind or allow to join you. These events are different enough to lead me to believe that the first episode is going to have to be the grand equalizer of story.

Clementine and AJ at the end of Season 2.
Clementine and AJ at the end of Season 2.

Because of the way that 's games tend to work, it's reasonable to assume that the choice to be made at the end of Season 2 has no bearing on the game beyond the opening and, perhaps, may only affect the type of person Clementine becomes. If the surviving character continues to exist beyond the opening, they will most likely be gone by the end of the episode. Anything else would have Telltale making what is essentially two different games in one and that could get messy.

Who's the new guy? Javier.

The E3 teaser also introduces us to Javier, Clementine's newest companion. In an interview with IGN at E3, Job Stauffer and Laura Perusco of Telltale let us know that Javier is not a character from the show or the comic series—he's all new.

We also now know that we will be playing as Javier and not Clementine, at least for the beginning of the story. With two playable characters, we can expect to have our time divided between both Javier and Clementine.

Of Javier, Perusco has said:

"He's been through a lot and he is central to this story. He is absolutely important to what's going on, [Javier and Clementine] have a lot of common goals, if not a lot of common enemies."

Clementine: Four years older, four years wiser


It's crazy to think that when we first met Clementine she didn't even know the word "shit". Now, depending on your play style, Clementine has plenty of blood on her hands. For some of us, she's even witnessed the spiteful execution of one of Season Two's villains in a major decision from which we have yet to see the fallout.

No matter what, the Clementine that we meet in the upcoming season will certainly be a truly hardened version of the young girl that we have gotten to know over the last four years.

Where will we be?

This is probably the toughest part to deduce from the information that we currently have. Based on the trailer (and the orange-y glow of the trees), it seems that our snowiest days are behind us, but that they could also be quickly approaching.

Given the obvious presence of danger, I would also bet that Clementine still hasn't found the safe haven that she's been searching for since she lost Lee. If she has, there is a situation pressing enough to merit leaving, which is even more intriguing as a possibility.

Where is AJ?

Source: IGN
Source: IGN

Well...we can't really know just yet. But we do know he's alive based on this early shot from the game. Seeing Clementine with AJ gives me flashbacks to Lee. While AJ appears to be much younger than Clementine was during the events of Season One, I can't help but wonder if Clementine is heading toward a similarly unfortunate fate in her attempts to keep AJ safe. It would be sad to lose her, but it's difficult to expect the best in the world of The Walking Dead and even more difficult when you remember that it's a Telltale game.

Fortunately, we don't have to wait too long to figure some of this out.

More on A New Frontier at the 2016 Game Awards

Though we are still just under a month out from the release of the first episode—Telltale has revealed that we can expect to see some new material (most likely a new trailer) at the 2016 Game Awards on December 1st at 9/8c.

What kind of theories do you have about Clementine and Javier's next moves this season?

Source: [IGN]


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