ByAlex Ziebart, writer at

If you were hoping to place the miniaturized NES Classic under your Christmas tree this year, you better be prepared to shell out the dough. Most retailers have sold out due to Nintendo's lack of supply, but one retailer in particular seems keen to take advantage of the situation: Walmart has marked up the NES Classic to $496.99 on their website.

That's quite the leap from the suggested manufacturer's suggested retail price of $59.99.

Granted, at the time of writing, anyone's chances of securing one, even at this price, is slim. There are only 4 left in stock on the Walmart store — at least from their current distributor. Walmart has exhausted its online stock previously, and when they did, more appeared from a new third party partner.

These partners are, most likely, the ones setting the price for the product, rather than Walmart themselves. Still, listing a $60 item for $500 isn't a good look for the retail giant and consumers aren't thrilled.

The fervor around the item makes 2016 feel more like 1985. 30 years later, the NES is the hottest Christmas gift all over again. It does make one wonder, through, whether buyers are buying it for their young ones are for a little personal nostalgia. Is nostalgia worth $500? Maybe. But if it's worth $500, it might also be worth the risk of dipping one's toes into ebay where NES Classic pricing currently trends just below $200, down from its initial $5000.

While it's possible the pricing on Walmart's digital storefront is an accident, it's more likely the result of their third party distributors taking advantage of supply and demand. Ultimately, this is no different than a reseller slapping an item up on their Amazon storefront at a premium.

Unfortunately, Amazon is faring only a little better as third party sellers have also jacked up the price on Amazon to $240.


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