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Last month Warner Bros. Montreal accidentally revealed that they have a Damian Wayne-led Batman game in development. That leak all but confirmed rumors that they were also working on a Suicide Squad game. But with the latter's status up in the air, rumors are now circulating that they have now scrapped the game in favor of the Batman game.

Sources close the studio have told Kotaku that Warner Bros. cancelled their Suicide Squad game following "a long period of turbulence" at Warner Bros. Montreal — the cancellation comes after a year of shake-ups at the gaming studio. Studio head Martin Carrier left the company earlier this year and was replaced at the end of November by Stéphane Roy. The news of cancellation only a few weeks after Roy's arrival suggests that he was not impressed by the game, which would make sense considering the game failed to impress execs during a green light meeting.

The game had been rumored to be in development ever since Warner Bros. teased the Suicide Squad in . But with this recent rumor that the game has been axed, could Superman actually be the secret second game that's been teased?

WB Montreal's game, tentatively titled Superman: Unbound, is slowly becoming the Loch Ness Monster of video games. There have been multiple leaks, rumors and hints about its existence, yet no official confirmation from the studio. But while there is no direct confirmation, a former Montreal employee actually included the game on his LinkedIn CV (whoops), so that is as good a confirmation as we will get.

Leaked Concept Art
Leaked Concept Art

While we can debate the existence of Suicide Squad and , we can be pleased that we will most definitely get the Damian Wayne Batman game some time in the recent future. It had previously been reported that the game was going to be revealed in December, but due to the recent creative shake-up at Montreal, it's likely been put on hold.

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Even though Arkham Knight teased many more characters and games set in the Arkham universe, there are some fans who will dislike the notion of it being Batman again. One, we already have Telltale's Batman game that was recently released:

And two, after Arkham Knight confirmed the existence of many members such as Flash, Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter, fans believed that the next game from Rocksteady or Montreal would revolve around another member of the Justice League. Montreal developing another game could be seen as overkill, especially when fans were excited at the prospect of a possible Superman game.

Whether we see the Superman game or not, we should all anticipate the arrival of Damian Wayne's debut in the Arkhamverse. Considering it has been rumored to be more like Grand Theft Auto with a larger, more immersive city compared to previous Arkham games, I would say we are in for a great game.

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