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Wasteland 3 debuted the first look at its gameplay footage today and managed to already raise $1.8 million in a Fig campaign, hitting 66% of the $2.75 million fundraising goal in only the first day and (likely) reaching the goal by the time you read this.

The Fig campaign is expected to fund 40% of the Wasteland 3 budget, putting the entire budget over $6 million. Though if crowdfunding continues the way it has today, they could exceed their goal in the 27 days it has left.

The gameplay video shows familiar elements such as the Rangers, as well as improved gameplay like the new dialogue system that branches through interactive conversations.

Wasteland 3 is forgoing the usual desert or urban environments, though they make great apocalyptic settings, and instead venturing into the frozen tundra. Concept artwork was put up alongside a video about their campaign pitch.

The campaign is featuring extras for early supporters. Those who pledge within the first 48 hours will receive UnderRail or STASIS through Steam after the campaign ends.

There are many varying tiers of support, ranging from digital access, early bird access, collector's editions, to the whopping final tier of $5000 to design an encounter. 20 of those are available, though no one has yet taken them up on the offer.

The Wasteland 3 campaign is running until November 3, so pledge soon if you want to get in on the limited extras.

Other games have found success with crowd funding in the past and it seems like a great way to kick off a game while getting the fans involved. Friday 13th: The Game started out on Kickstarter and is estimated to ship this month. Not all games make it, so pay attention to 3 signs a Kickstarter game could fail.

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