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Ah the 8-bit years. A time that gave us Metroid, Final Fantasy, Ninja Gaiden, The Legend of Zelda, Mega Man 2 and so many more delights. But you know what the 8-bit years didn't give us? Studio Ghibli movies as video games! Why?! Well, I guess they just weren't all that popular in the eighties... but they are now!

Your Favorite Studio Ghibli Movies As 8-Bit Games

With the Nintendo SNES Mini on the horizon, games like Axiom Verge dazzling us and the general sounds of this generation sounding so funky on new phones, 8-bit games certainly feel like they're making a comeback. So can someone please start developing these as soon as possible? Much obliged.

'Spirited Away'

'Spirited Away' in 8-bit form. [Credit: CineFix]
'Spirited Away' in 8-bit form. [Credit: CineFix]

Just look at the attention to detail in this one gif. The steam, the character animations and the way it perfectly recaptures the scene from the film. Very impressive stuff, CineFix. Makes me wanna watch post haste! Or force someone to make this game happen... I mean, come on, look at this stuff!

'Spirited Away' in 8-bit form. [Credit: CineFix]
'Spirited Away' in 8-bit form. [Credit: CineFix]

You know what makes these gifs even better? The sound that goes along with them! You can check out the Spirited Away in 8-bit form video below. It's a thing of beauty.

'Princess Mononoke'

'Princess Mononoke' in 8-bit form. [Credit: CineFix]
'Princess Mononoke' in 8-bit form. [Credit: CineFix]

Is this the greatest Studio Ghibli film ever made? Obviously (in my opinion)! But I'm willing to have that chat in the comments for those who would disagree (or agree, that'd be cool too). In any case, the detail in this video from CineFix is awesome. I love the little spray of blood from the Princess' mouth—and yes, I realized how weird that sounded as I was typing it.

'Princess Mononoke' in 8-bit form. [Credit: CineFix]
'Princess Mononoke' in 8-bit form. [Credit: CineFix]

I think you're beautiful too. But in order to bathe in all of this video's gorgeousity, you'll have to watch it for yourself. You can check out the full thing below! Anyone else want to play this?

'My Neighbor Totoro'

Though CineFix have yet to jump on the Totoro bandwagon and create yet another wonderful 8-bit rendition of a Studio Ghibli classic, good internet peoples have created 8-bit versions of the film's score. Yes, they're just as perfect as you'd imagine them to be.

Look at the little face on that Totoro! The kids are a bit terrifying though... that dead-eyed stare.


Well, this is perfect.

You best believe I'd insert a coin! I wouldn't bother playing the game just so I could listen to this tune over and over. Sure, it'd get annoying after a while, but for Ponyo, I'm willing to make that sacrifice. There will be no judging here, friends!

'Kiki's Delivery Service'

All I want in life is for this to play every time I get on my bicycle in the morning and cycle to work. You can see me cycling past a river, a little train chugging away above me on a bridge and the occasional yawn escaping my tired face as I wait at numerous red lights. Anyone else looking for the same thing...?

My god this is so jaunty. Can't. Get. Enough.

Every Ghibli Film In One 8-Bit Video

Brought to you by whoispablo (I have no idea, mate), this moving tribute to Hayao Miyazaki and his inspirational films is the ultimate 8-bit rendition of Studio Ghibli masterpieces. See how many films you can spot in the short clip and get back to us!

Are there any other Studio Ghibli films you'd like to see get the 8-bit treatment? Which one of these was your favorite?

For more 8-bit stuff, why not check out the Rick and Morty opening in the old gaming style?


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