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For a long time, BioWare games have been known for their very explicit romance scenes. In the Dragon Age series, doing it graphically with a Qunari, a bulky, horned orc-like creature is perfectly normal, while Mass Effect popularized the concept of alien, inter-species love making.

And Mass Effect: Andromeda is no exception. There are plenty of romance options for interesting, physical endeavors with aliens of all kinds from both the Milkyway and the galaxy. The only thing stopping you from embarking on intergalactic sexual adventures, is your own conservatism and/or lack of in-game flirting skills.

The Steamy Romance Scenes Of 'Mass Effect: Andromeda'

Whether you're playing as Scott or Sara Ryder, your available romance options will vary as not all the game's characters are bisexual. As so, your choice of gender will affect the romance scenes you’re going to get in the game.

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Anyways, let's get down to it. With the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda and as people are progressing through the game's story, footage of the steamy romance scenes are emerging online. We have collected some of the very best ones and will update this piece as more sultry video captions are uploaded around the web.

These videos contain minor spoilers and some of them are probably (definitely) NSFW.

Cora Harper And Scott Ryder

  • Who can romance: Male Ryder

The super generic, heterosexual human romance. It's a video game. Why not mix things up a bit? You're in another galaxy after all.

Vetra Nyx And The Ryders

Who can romance: Female or male Ryder

Now this is a romance more in the spirit of a pioneering space traveler. Vetra is a Turian like good ol' Garrus Vakarian, and she's up for messing around with both female and male Ryder.

Liam Kosta And Sara Ryder

Who can romance: Female Ryder

Tied with Cora as the most boring romance, we once again experience dull, heterosexual human coitus. Let's move on.

PeeBee And The Ryders

  • Who can romance: Female or male Ryder

Back to possibly bisexual alien action, PeeBee, an impulsive and rebellious Asari, will surely keep both Ryders busy.

Suvi And Sara Ryder

  • Who can romance: Female Ryder

The Tempest's Scottish science officer wants to get it on with female Ryder in a casual way. If she asks you whether you'd like a break from work, just say yes.

Gil And Scott Ryder

  • Who can romance: Male Ryder only

If your male Ryder is open to some male-on-male interaction, Gil on the Tempest is ready to help out. If you're having trouble flirting with him, ask him to play Poker.

Jaal And Sara Ryder (Not Confirmed)

  • Who can romance: Female Ryder

There are rumors flying around that Sara Ryder might be able to romance Jaal at some point later in the game as that's where the conversations seem to be going with the Andromeda-native Angaran as people progress the story. No footage out of the act or anything confirmed yet though. Stay tuned.

More Footage (Hopefully) To Come

[Credit: Electronic Arts]
[Credit: Electronic Arts]

These aren't all the romance options in Mass Effect: Andromeda as you can also do more or less silly things with the slick outlaw Reyes Vidal, the Asari journalist Keri and Avela, a female Angeran. Unfortunately, we don't have any hands-on experience or footage of these romances yet, but we'll make sure to let you know as soon as we do.

We're sure they are just as steamy (awkward) as the ones above.

Who are you planning to romance in Andromeda and why?


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